Good News — The Racist Left Will Never See It Coming

Good News — The Racist Left Will Never See It Coming. By Noah Rothman.

Over the weekend, residents of a prosperous, well-educated suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth went to the polls to vote in municipal elections. There, races for local offices revolved around a controversial plan to institutionalize the precepts of Critical Race Theory in education. And for proponents of that plan, it was an absolute shellacking.

Those who backed the teaching of post-liberal racial thought in American classrooms had big plans.

  • They sought to force both teachers and students into mandatory cultural-sensitivity training programs and empower a “director of equity and inclusion” to oversee it all.
  • They wanted to create a formal database to track incidences of racism, discrimination, and harassment.
  • They hoped to introduce a zero-tolerance policy for episodes of racism and discrimination, on or off-campus.
  • And they intended to establish an archive of “microaggressions,” which are exactly what they sound like: minor, probably unintentional slights that could conceivably be construed as racial even when likelier and more convincing explanations for individual acts of thoughtlessness exist.

Opponents of this philosophy won, and by no small margin. The slate of candidates arrayed against these ideas beat out opponents by roughly 70 to 30 percent, taking two school board seats, two city council seats, and the mayoralty. What’s more, turnout in this unconventionally timed race ballooned by as much as three times the rate at which voters typically participate in Southlake, Texas municipal elections. …

The media spin insults most of us:

NBC News framed the revolutionary proposals on which Texans were asked to vote as nothing more than “diversity and inclusion training requirements.” Its critics, NBC reported, claimed that the new methodology would “institutionalize discrimination,” but the vote against this “pro-diversity plan” was generally dismissed as the verdict of a “historically conservative city” where “74 percent of residents are white.” As one member of the small minority of parents who supported these efforts mourned, “it feels like hate wins.” …

Immune to reality, but for how long?

If election results in Southlake are any indication, this is a losing issue for the left. For the moment, Democrats seem constitutionally incapable of taking the hint.