The Deep State is Back

The Deep State is Back. By Christopher Roach.

When Biden says “America is back” and praises “our democracy,” it’s clear he means a return to the pre-Trump status quo, including the meddlesome and ungoverned Deep State.

Recently, the FBI searched Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment. … In his dealings with Ukraine, Giuliani says he acted as President Trump’s emissary and lawyer. …

Hunter Biden’s role in that company, and that of then-Vice President Biden, does appear fishy, not least because Joe bragged about how he withheld American aid to strong-arm the Ukrainians into firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma while Hunter Biden was on the company’s board.

Ukraine appears for many years to have been the “Star Wars Cantina” of Europe, a poorly governed ex-Soviet Republic, where second-tier American politicos and their loser kids made a ton of money. …

[Ukraine is also] a proxy for whether Americans favor a renewed Cold War with Russia.

The Deep State has a strong view on the subject. Trump did not hide his completely reasonable and openly stated desire for better relations with Russia in his 2016 campaign. In fact, Hillary made a big show of it. But the American people voted for peace.

For the Deep State, scaling back commitments is not allowed, even when it’s ratified by an election. It was hostile to Trump across the board, extending to the unprecedented spying on his campaign during and after the 2016 election. They lied about many things to do this.

Getting Giuliani’s documents and computers will allow various people with their toes in Ukraine — including the Biden family — to figure out what Trump and Giuliani know. It will also allow Biden’s protectors to seal up incriminating documents as confidential because of the ongoing investigation, and to figure out who else may have dirt on the Bidens.

Coupled with the denial of bail and dragnet-style round-up of nonviolent offenders from the Capitol Protest, the Giuliani shakedown is another sign of the hardball, take-no-prisoners approach of the Democrats in power. No customary or formal restraint will have any effect, and the media will act not as a check, but rather as a cheerleader, of government overreach.

The swamp drained Trump, not the other way around:

One of Trump’s biggest problems was that he never fully controlled the executive branch. We pretend we are a democracy and a changing of the guard matters, but vast swaths of the government are unelected.

Career civil servants are not necessarily a problem if they do what they are told by the elected officials who are supposed to be in charge, but they have institutional interests and agendas of their own. The permanent members of the government — particularly at the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement and intelligence branches — made a big show of this early in Trump’s Administration and labeled their lawless and undemocratic obstruction “The Resistance.” …

Biden only appears more in control of the government than Trump did because he empowers and augments the Deep State. …

Trump, for all his tough talk, was a bit naïve about how the government works. He gave little thought to who to put in key positions, often staffing them with anti-Trump, GOP hacks. …

When Biden says “America is back” and praises “our democracy,” it’s clear he means a return to the pre-Trump status quo, including the meddlesome and ungoverned Deep State.

Lies and corruption, all the way down.