In Spain, Stating That Migrants Get More Money Than Retirees Is Now a “Hate Crime”

In Spain, Stating That Migrants Get More Money Than Retirees Is Now a “Hate Crime”. By Selwyn Duke.

It was back in 2013 that the Supreme Court of Canada stated, astoundingly, that the Truth was not a defense against “hate crime” charges. Now this philosophy may be manifesting itself in Spain, where a populist political party daring to claim that migrants get more government money than retirees is being investigated for “incitement to hatred.”

A migrant minor €4,700 [$5,670] per month, your grandmother, a €426 [$514] pension per month

The “Madrid prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday that it would be opening an investigation on the grounds of incitement to hatred after receiving several complaints about the posters, including from the socialist government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, Le Figaro reports … UNICEF, Save the Children, and Caritas …

The PC crew claim the poster is untrue, because the migrant is not given cash of that amount — but instead the €4,700 is the total costs of migrant minors that included their housing and other expenses. Really.

Of course, this is a distinction perhaps without a difference. Whatever form the handouts take, it’s still €4,700 transferred from taxpayers to migrant non-citizens. Moreover, when assessing an employment opportunity, people always factor benefits into the equation precisely because they can be as good as, and sometimes better than (i.e., getting more bang for your buck), cash.

It’s no surprise that Vox has been charged under “hate speech” prohibitions, which are really just a new — and dishonest and ever-morphing — form of heresy laws.

They don’t actually punish “hate,” which itself is a problem because it’s an effort at thought control. Rather, they punish what the powers-that-be hate, namely, opposition to the establishment agenda. …

The old heresy laws were at least fairer:

A profound difference between heresy laws — at least those in medieval Europe (pagan civilizations had their “heresy” laws, too) — and hate-speech prohibitions is a troubling one. Heresy laws were based on the idea that Truth exists and that violation of it was dangerous to society.

While you can disagree with the conception of Truth expressed through them, their authors weren’t making it up as they went along; since they knew that Truth is unchanging, they knew their heresy laws should also be. You could know where you stood.

The emerging woke religion is the most intolerant religion since the Aztecs.