Who fears a society that hates itself?

Who fears a society that hates itself? By Lionel Shriver.

In the west, trashing your own country has become a central preoccupation of the ruling class. University administrators, corporate board members and media pundits compete with one another over who can denounce their disgusting society with more fervor. Shame, or what passes for it, is the new ostentation. …

Now self-loathing has gone mainstream, the government-commissioned April report attesting the UK is not ‘institutionally racist’ is what qualifies as genuinely edgy; its assertion that, rather, Britain should act as a model for other white-majority countries is what qualifies as genuinely brave. …

A country that allows dissent, including the derogation of the state itself, looks strong — and in this respect the control freaks of the CCP, frightened of their own people, look weak. But a country that adopts self-excoriation as its national pastime also looks weak.

The Chinese are keeping attentive watch as the West denigrates its heroes, debunks its previous sources of pride, vandalizes its icons, denounces its cultural heritage, slanders its popular majorities as indelibly stained with original sin and rewrites its history to make its past appear as wicked as possible. The spectacle inspires contempt.

The Chinese see the self-flagellating throes of the West as the certain bellwether of terminal decline.

Isn’t it?

We’re making ourselves look pathetic. In countries and individuals both, a penchant for self-criticism is only healthy when balanced by some measure of self-belief.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, why should anyone else?

Trendy denunciation of our awful people, awful history and awful cultures doesn’t stay all in the family. It’s music to the ears of our adversaries, whose illiberal ambitions are primarily constrained by fear. Why fear a society that’s tearing itself apart for you?

Alert to what looks from afar like decadence, decay and implosion, China is further emboldened to quash Hong Kong, annex the entire South China Sea and bully Australia for daring to desire more research into the origins of COVID-19.

The western left behaves as if they are so superior, and that the enviable position of western societies and their recent great achievements can be taken for granted. In the left’s ignorance or rage, they are destroying what made the west different and finally lifted humanity out of a Malthusian existence.