Letter to the Australian Minister for Defence on the F-35

Letter to the Australian Minister for Defence on the F-35. By David Archibald, who has published an open letter on the Wentworth Report.

Highlights include:

The USAF intends to use the F-35 as a light bomber because it would not survive as an air superiority fighter. It follows that the F-35 will not survive as an air superiority fighter for the RAAF either.

On top of that, the F-35 is proving to be flaky in service. There are reports that RAAF F-35s in the Northern Territory refuse to start if their fuel is too hot, because the aircraft uses fuel as its coolant. An F-35 landing at an airfield in northern Australia would soak heat from the tarmac and potentially not be able to take off again.

At Luke AFB in Arizona, F-35s have been aborting their take-offs because their computers were crashing as they were heading down the runway. …

Without effective air cover, our forces will be operating at a great disadvantage. We risk a repeat of what happened in WW2, in which a great number of RAAF Wirraways were shot down by Japanese Zeros; only one Zero was shot down by a Wirraway.

The offer:

I would be quite happy to give you a presentation on fighter aircraft design considerations and operating principles that would help inform your decision-making. In the interim I commend to you a book I wrote on the F-35, American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare, the pdf of which is attached to this email.

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