Biden regime using force of law to crush political dissent

Biden regime using force of law to crush political dissent. By Tucker Carlson.

A very worrying development indeed.

It is increasingly obvious that the US Democrat Party expects to hold power forever. They are using the power of government to treat their political opponents unfairly and like dirt, and doing it increasingly openly. This can only mean that they never expect to lose power and be on the receiving end of such treatment themselves.

The democratic concept of power flipping back and forth between similar sized collations of interests has been shattered.

The left in the US have been increasingly rigging elections using voting machines since 2004, but it only became decisive in 2020. Technical analysts at MIT who have been studying US voting for years say that Trump got about 11 million more votes than Biden — which fits with Trump winning nearly all the Bellwether states and counties, the numerous Trump rallies, and the dearth of interest in or campaigning from the Biden team. They say they will present their evidence soon, but because it is technical and mathematical the dominant political class will pretend not to understand except to rubbish it — so don’t expect anything to change immediately. While this event will not trigger an uprising, it will diminish the moral authority of the US Government and justify anti-government actions in the minds of many.

The Biden regime is moving the country leftward at a very fast rate. An activist’s dream come true. Biden’s team are changing the voting rules and welcoming new illegal voters into the country to (they think) cement their position. They apparently had no compunctions about labeling half the country as domestic terrorists. Persuasion is out, tyranny is in.

Democracy requires a sufficiently bright and aware population, and it requires a free press with free speech. Both of those conditions have crumbled in the last couple of decades, and now US democracy is crumbling too — as night follows day.

We’ve crossed the watershed. Democracy is gone in the US, and some sort of oligarchical soft totalitarianism is taking over.

hat-tip Stephen Neil