There is nothing smart about our elites

There is nothing smart about our elites. By Tobias Phibbs.

Is our political system really selecting for “smart people”?

Not any more. TV allows voters to really see their politicians. People are often uncomfortable with people whose IQ is more than about 20 points higher — if only because they sometimes don’t quite understand the higher-IQ person. When political communication was mediated through print, high IQ types were easily disguised.

Now we tend to vote in leaders with IQs around 125, who everyone can relate to and who are good looking. Such as George Bush. Those leaders in turn cannot have advisors with IQs over 140, without themselves feeling uncomfortable. That rather limits the talent available to government, and so the standard of government is lower now than 50 years ago.

In the UK, look no further than Boris (the PM), Dominic Cummings (his high-IQ advisor, now ex), and Princess Nut Nut (the PM’s young, somewhat woke, girlfriend, who pushed Dominic out).

Was it smart people who outsourced industry, thought China was on an inexorable path to liberal democracy, or who now believe you can solve the housing crisis by fiddling around with mortgages and stamp duty?

In 2012, only 23% of Labour MPs (and 55% of Tory MPs) could correctly identify the probability of spinning a coin twice and getting two heads. …

Dominic Cummings, the advisor who was at the center of Boris Johnson’s administration in the UK:

You might think somewhere there must be a quiet calm centre like in a James Bond movie where you open the door and that is where the ninjas are who actually know what they are doing.

There are no ninjas. There is no door.

The ninjas are now systematically excluded from government — and much else besides. Because they are also addicted to the truth, they tend to be politically incorrect. Maybe “woke” is just a way for the talent-less to push out the high-IQ types and take their jobs? No wonder standards are plummeting.