Good People Must Be Dangerous People

Good People Must Be Dangerous People. By Jeff Kerwick.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the most glaring recent illustrations of private actors using overt violence to impose a political agenda upon others, while the agents of “cancel culture” use violence more subtly. They apologize for and actually encourage the thuggery of their street counterparts by singling out dissidents for all manner of abuse.

Why? Simply put, these self-styled “antiracists” and “antifascists” know that they stand to gain material, moral, and political advantages from the white people they brand “white supremacists.”

Why BLM doesn’t pick on Hispanics:

If this weren’t true, then we would expect Black Lives Matter and their supporters to descend upon places like South Central Los Angeles and other formerly black-turned-Hispanic neighborhoods where, according to such self-styled “Hate Watch” organizations as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” and “anti-black terrorism” has been prosecuted by Hispanics against native black residents for decades. 

And during the BLM riots of last summer when citizens of all racial backgrounds across the fruited plain were joining together and taking up arms to protect their communities against the ravages of vandals, Hispanic gangbangers in places like Chicago distinguished themselves on account of their zeal: They not only bludgeoned and shot at black criminals, they also terrorized law-abiding blacks who happened to reside within or pass through the Barrio.

And yet — and yet! — to this day, we still hear not a peep from BLM, Antifa, or any other “antiracists” and “antifascists” about the horrors of “Brown Supremacy.” …

The deafening silence is not difficult to understand: Those fearless social justice warriors (SJWs) know Hispanics would end their shit before it even got started.

Thus, the conspicuous absence of any of BLM’s characteristically disruptive activities in the barrio.

The thing speaks for itself: Fear is the only language the violent comprehend. Neither the “mostly peaceful protesters” nor their virtue-signaling advocates throughout the Establishment are the least bit interested in engaging in battle with “brown supremacists” because they fear having their asses handed to them. Plain and simple.

Or the black criminals who prey on blacks:

BLM and their allies also fear the most egregious violators of black lives: black criminals.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, this woke refusal to call out Bloods, Crips, and other black lowlifes has nothing to do with racial loyalty on the part of black proponents of BLM, or “white guilt” on the part of white liberals. The brutal, relentless attacks that SJWs launch against blacks who are conservative is sufficient to prove this point in spades. …

Or organized white criminals:

This goes also with the mostly white members of all outlaw biker gangs and such organized criminal organizations as the Russian, Italian, and Irish mobs — somehow, none of these whites ever seem to have the slightest trouble with either Maxine Waters or any other “antiracists.”

Or Islam:

The fundamentals of Islam contradict SJW values at every turn. And yet SJWs reserve their hostility for Christianity while uttering not a critical peep about Islam. Why? Well, they know damn well that the Falwells, the Robertsons, and the Grahams of this world aren’t going to behead, or so much as curse at them. Militant Muslims, in stark contrast,  won’t hesitate to issue fatwas on their asses. …

But white conservative leaders are such an easy touch because they are so “nice”:

If they were alive today, the founders would insist that decent folks who want to live good lives and protect themselves, their loved ones, and other law-abiding citizens in their communities from danger most definitely not follow the example of “conservative leaders,” whether in government or anywhere else, who are only interested in adjusting their bowties, wagging their fingers, and shrieking and crying over the Left’s “double standards” while conning their constituents into thinking that they are “fighting the Left.”

Conservatism, Inc.’s leaders are looking out for themselves. Their standard operating procedure is the stuff of wusses and whiners — but certainly not winners.

Government is not going to protect you any more:

Decent people, and decent men specifically, know that in the last analysis, it is they and they alone — and not, as those in Big Conservatism would have us think, state agents — who are the last line of defense protecting innocents from predators. This being the case, the decent know that they must become ruthless. 

They must become the stuff of nightmares — but the nightmares of bad and dangerous people. The only thing necessary for bad men to triumph is for good men to do nothing, Burke memorably noted. Yet good men, as Jordan Peterson correctly observed, must be dangerous men.  …

The Second Amendment, after all, does not exist for the sake of protecting citizens’ right to go to a shooting range, to hunt, or to otherwise engage in gun-related games. It exists — and let’s be blunt — to protect citizens’ right to kill those who would harm them and their own.

The unpicking of civilization. The era of high trust is coming to an end in the USA. It was but an aberration by historical standards. Such a bright light that once burned brightly, but now being squandered in a return to might-makes-right tribalism and violence.

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