Why New Zealand’s woke folly on China should alarm Australia

Why New Zealand’s woke folly on China should alarm Australia. By Andrew Bolt.

Nanaia Mahuta comes from a privileged family. Her father studied at Oxford before becoming a politician, academic and a knight.

Mahuta herself went to an Anglican boarding school before becoming an academic, too, but then got deep into identity politics.

Five years ago this woke warrior got her chin tattooed with a moko to announce she was a Maori leader. Now she’s the foreign minister of a country that’s been our ally for more than 100 years. …

Australia and New Zealand are members of the “Five Eyes”, along with the United States, Britain and Canada, that shares intelligence to meet common threats.

But NZ has gone pro-Chinese:

But when the Five Eyes allies issued a statement criticising China for arresting democracy campaigners in Hong Kong, Mahuta refused to sign it.

When Australia and the other Five Eyes allies then joined other democracies to reject a discredited World Health Organisation report that whitewashed China’s role in the coronavirus pandemic, Mahuta refused to sign that, too.

And this week she said she didn’t like ganging up against China like this: “We are uncomfortable with expanding the remit of the Five Eyes. We would much rather prefer to look for multilateral opportunities to express our interests.”

In fact, as Mahuta said in her speech this week, New Zealand’s “diplomacy favours dialogue”. That’s why it publicly criticises China’s dictatorship only rarely. And just as rarely defends Australia from China’s furious bullying.


Until Mahuta’s speech this week, I thought New Zealand was just being naive about the genocidal Chinese regime, and cowardly, too. Not to mention greedy, grabbing Chinese rewards for keeping quiet, while leaving the fight for freedom to other democracies.

But Mahuta’s bizarre speech makes clear that wokeness — and a giant water serpent — is also inspiring her kowtowing to tyranny.

Mahuta used her speech to rhapsodise about the taniwha, a giant serpent or dragon of Maori mythology which supposedly hides in seas, lakes and rivers, and which this former Anglican schoolgirl sees as a nature god … and inspiration.

“Taniwha are protectors or guardians, often of water, and hold dominion over rivers, seas, lands and territories,” she explained.

“Deeply steeped in culture, they are spiritual and one with nature … And like the [Chinese] dragon, they … are a symbol of leadership, prestige and strength, and are to be revered.” …

“I see the taniwha and the dragon as symbols of the strength of our particular customs, traditions and values, that aren’t always the same, but need to be maintained and respected. …

What’s so stupid about this prattling is that New Zealand is not actually dealing with a dragon. It is dealing with a brutal regime that crushes democracy, jails a million Muslims, threatens war against Taiwan and steals the South China Sea.

Yet in Mahuta’s woke world, China is a sensitive dragon that may breathe fire but — who knew? — worries about global warming.

But Mahuta is the foreign minister of a country in one of the world’s most significant intelligence-sharing partnerships, yet citing some imaginary monster to explain why she’s splitting its resistance to a dictatorial superpower that threatens them all.

That makes her wokeness not just a joke but a danger.

Woke morons are imperiling us all.