TikTok Cancels PragerU

TikTok Cancels PragerU. By Alana Mastrangelo.

Non-profit organization PragerU, founded by radio host Dennis Prager to produce short informative videos on conservative topics, has been permanently blacklisted from Chinese-owned social media app TikTok. …

TikTok is the latest tech platform to censor PragerU, as the group has faced censorship from several platforms including Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube.

PragerU email:

This is blatant censorship.

TikTok is a platform most frequently used by young people, primarily those under the age of 18, to share video content. This is a vital age group being brainwashed by the left that we must reach.

PragerU’s TikTok page simply shared videos about American values using young influencers to convey those ideas. Our page was reaching millions of young people.

For example, one of our videos by Dennis Prager (on the myth of the gender wage gap) reached 3 million views — millions of young people liked and shared this video.

TikTok does not want young people, especially Gen Z, exposed to conservative ideas. …

The left has taken over every single vehicle of communication for young people. Americans are facing a serious Freedom of Speech issue. Without our First Amendment, all our other rights will be meaningless.

Protecting voters from information that helps their opponents. Power is all that matters.