Carbon emission propaganda comes unstuck downunder

Carbon emission propaganda comes unstuck downunder. By Joanne Nova.

Australia’s population has been growing much faster than other western countries for the last few decades, so the usual comparisons of total emissions are unfair to Australia.

Turns out Australia is a world leader in carbon emission measured per capita, falling by 44% since 1990 (from 36 to 20 tonnes per person):

The two main reasons aren’t as carbon-virtuous as you might imagine. The main reason is that Australia stopped net land clearing in the 1990s (about 23%). Next, Australian anti-carbon policies and higher electricity prices drove Australia’s alumina refining business out of Australia, mainly to China.

The local lefties were confused when our conservative Prime Minister finally noted that our per capita falls were outstanding, thereby veering off the narrative that conservatives are bad:

This week Scott Morrison flummoxed a room full of journalists and business types by mentioning that since 2005 we’ve already achieved a 36% cut in emissions. Adam Morton of The Guardian described this as “new” and said it was received with raised eyebrows across the room. It had no precedent in the global debate, he proclaimed, apparently astonished and quite confused:

“No explanation has been offered as to why this is a valid way to count emissions cuts — it has no precedent in the global debate. In the words of one analyst, it is a “Trumpian misrepresentation” of what the data actually says.”

That bad eh? But the real situation wouldn’t have surprised any of them if they’d been halfway competent, read what skeptics have said for years, or even done their own research. After all, the Greenhouse Office has been publishing these per capita graphs quarterly, forever. It’s not like it was a secret.

In a thirty year debate about doing our “fair share” what could be fairer than per person measures? Indeed, for years the Green Blob has been accusing Australia of being the “second worst in the world” per capita, and they still are. So if it’s OK to criticize us per capita — why was it not OK for the government to brag about our cuts — per capita? …


In 2018 and 2019 Australians were installing renewable energy, faster than any place on Earth. Why don’t Australians know this?

Australia’s economy is not like European economies the left loves to compare us with, but more like Canada’s and then some:

And of course, to point out the obvious about the leftist bureaucracies that own “the science” (TM) and are above criticism:

The world would be a better place, and Australians would be $18 billion dollars richer ten years from now, if we just spent a couple of million dollars doing goddamn due diligence checking the IPCC version of “science”.

Who audits the IPCC? No one.

Well, just a few bloggers and concerned citizens, now on a global blacklist for our efforts.

As it happens, there is a problem in the climate models that causes them to overestimate the warming effect of carbon dioxide by a factor of about five. No wonder they have to shut us up.