Transhumanism, Meritocracy, and National Survival

Transhumanism, Meritocracy, and National Survival. By Edward Ring.

Across every institution, Americans are no longer being held to immutable standards of achievement. Instead, in the name of achieving race and gender “equity,” the meritocracy is being not only abandoned but stigmatized as racist. It won’t matter. Machines will do the work.

Coming soon, instead of education, people will have access to implants or neural links that target and enhance specific skills — memory, language, math. Equally likely, and also coming soon, people will be able to edit the genes of their offspring before they are born, choosing their attributes — height, appearance, intellect.

This transhuman future, enabled by technology, is inevitable. But every sovereign nation on earth will handle the rollout differently. In the United States, current trends suggest the big tech oligarchy will view individual “enhancements” as a logical extension of the manipulative power they’ve already achieved with the internet. People will think they’re thinking with more intelligence, but every shred of enhancement they’re accessing will be controlled and managed. They’ll think they’re smart. They’ll think they’re free. And they’ll be nothing of the sort. They’ll be Borg.

For other nations, and the regime that currently rules China comes immediately to mind, the idea of creating a collective of enhanced humans isn’t the least bit repugnant. It certainly isn’t something that requires obfuscation. Perhaps some of China’s cutting-edge research in cybernetics and genetic engineering are military secrets, but the overall goal is openly proclaimed. We will create superhumans. Chinese superhumans. And then we will conquer the world. …

Conformity at the expense of ability:

What is needed more than ever is not a dumbed-down America, where standards are abandoned and the meritocracy is scrapped. For all their totalitarian brutality, the Chinese regime is not making that mistake. Their schools and their scientific institutions may demand conformity, but they also reward ability. America’s institutions, by contrast, are moving at a withering pace towards conformity, while dismissing ability as a relic of oppression.

The creativity and individualism that define American culture and bestow one of America’s most enduring advantages over totalitarian, collectivist cultures depend on nurturing merit, not rendering it irrelevant. Individual, widespread, hard-won competence, unenhanced and rewarded, are the traits that will enable Americans to manage the transition to a species increasingly altered by technology. If America’s policy is to dumb down their population, on the other hand, resistance is futile.

Try to imagine human civilization as it expands into the solar system and eventually to the stars. Shall it be a vibrant society of free individuals or a drab collective? Shall it consist of a federation of diverse, independent nations, with their cultures and traditions grounding them as they reach into the beyond, or an undifferentiated mass of humans controlled by machine implants, ruled by a single politburo?

None of this is far-fetched. The future is coming, and it is going to be sick. Remember that, the next time Joe Biden stumbles through a press conference. Who really runs America, and what do they want for this nation?

All of this runs in the exact opposite direction to the practices that made America great for the last 200+ years. What happened?