China has become the wild west of bio-research

China has become the wild west of bio-research. By the Z-Man.

There is no doubt that most Western governments operate biological research facilities. The fact that China is doing the same is no surprise. The difference is Western governments have to worry about whistleblowers who will spill the beans on anything illegal. They also have to worry about anything unethical. The Chinese, in contrast, arrest whistleblowers and harvest their organs. Scandal is not a concern for the ChiComs. …

Bioethics are not a concern for China. What matters most to the Chinese is acquiring as much technology as possible as quickly and cheaply as possible.

This is why China has become the wild west of bio-research. Western researchers know they can do whatever they want in China. They will be free of Western ethics and get all the money they need. They just have to share their work with their new masters. For many Western scientists, this is not a difficult dilemma.

Which is why Fauci funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan, rather than the West.

Whether we like it or not, we will soon learn if those ethical limitations popular in the West are necessary. The Chinese will keep forging ahead, buying Western researchers so they can experiment in the East. Maybe Covid was the wake-up China needed to put some limits on this research. Maybe it was just viewed as the cost of becoming the dominant player in the field. Maybe that cost will be regular pandemics of man-made viruses leaking from Chinese labs. …

The elites are happy to trade technology to China, because the only thing that matters is short term profit. From the Chinese perspective, the American empire is not a competitor. It is just a big candy store that she can systematically pick clean until it finally collapses. This is the war China knows it can win.

It looks ominous. Covid will not be the last bio-medical problem to emerge from China.

Btw, have you noticed that the response to covid, like that to climate change, is a bunch of very expensive, government-funded solutions that funnel money to experts and certain groups of government-connected “entrepreneurs”? Cheap and effective solutions and a thorough examination of the problem were ignored in favor of solutions that made the government money flow to certain quarters.