Chauvin Guilty Verdict Completes the Total Collapse of Law, Order, and Due Process in Biden’s America

Chauvin Guilty Verdict Completes the Total Collapse of Law, Order, and Due Process in Biden’s America. By Revolver.

Barring a miracle in the appeals process, Chauvin will spend decades if not the rest of his life in prison. It’s unfair and unjust, the greatest travesty of the criminal courts since O.J. Simpson went free two and a half decades ago.

Mob rule has taken over in America, which means that law and order is dead, and the Constitutional right to due process has been shredded beyond recognition. It’s not so much that the left-wing mob knows that it can tamper with judges and juries with impunity.

Rather, the mob is incited to tamper with juries and judges by the press arm of the Global American Empire, with the full weight and backing of the ruling class governing establishment of the Global American Empire.

If there is any bright spot to what happened today, it is this: Americans should be completely purged of the illusion that a fair and just system still exists that will protect them from the predations of the Globalist American Empire. There is no fair system of “law and order” in America. There is only the arbitrary application of power for political purposes. 

Derek Chauvin was a humble police officer trying to protect his community from the drug addicts and dangerous predators who grow more common by the day. He responded to a call from a convenience store over a counterfeit bill, and ended up trying to restrain George Floyd, a man both high on drugs and much larger than him. Chauvin used his police training to restrain Floyd while a hostile crowd surrounded him.

No proof was ever offered that Chauvin’s knee killed George Floyd, because no such proof could ever be offered. The very notion was ridiculous. Floyd died from a lifetime of health-destroying decisions coupled with the lethal amount of drugs in his system. If Floyd hadn’t died on camera, nothing would have happened. Instead, for political expediency, Chauvin was made into a human sacrifice. He was disowned by the state he served and the public he protected. …

Intimidation and mob justice:

Every juror could hear Rep. Maxine Waters demand a more “confrontational” approach from demonstrators if they gave the wrong verdict. Every juror could read The New York Times article profiling them, sending the unsubtle message that if they didn’t convict, they’d be the next targets of the mob.

Minnesota’s criminal justice system spent millions to ensure Derek Chauvin was crushed, bringing in 11 ringer private attorneys to augment the state’s attorney. That same system sat pat while mobs destroyed downtown Minneapolis last summer and burned down a police station. …

Police will get the message: If they use any kind of force to stop a fleeing suspect or restrain one resisting arrest, the state will not protect them. It will side with the criminal. So the rational question is, why even be a police officer? Thousands of officers are asking themselves that, and giving the rational answer. In Minneapolis, nearly one-fourth of the force quit or went on leave in 2021. …

Criminals have received the same message. They know that if they run from police, they will not be pursued. If they fight back, they will not be punished. Taxpayer funds will be spent to compensate injured criminals, while what’s left will be used to pursue criminal charges against police. If criminals riot, the streets will be abandoned to let them plunder at will. Unsurprisingly, crime has exploded. Murders are up by a third. In cities like D.C., carjackings have quintupled compared to the same time last year.

The leaked police bodycam footage shows that Floyd said “I can’t breathe” eleven times before he lay on the ground and Chauvin put his knee on him. The coroner found Floyd had a lethal dose of fentanyl in this system, and a symptom of fentanyl poisoning is difficulty breathing. Pretty straightforward.

Yet the jury found Chauvin guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Draw your own conclusions.


UPDATE: Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz .. said Waters is taking a page out of the Ku Klux Klan’s playbook to influence court cases by threatening violence.

UPDATE: Biden Appears to Justify Pressure on Jury:

The White House had declined to condemn Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for threatening unrest unless there was a guilty verdict. The jury was not sequestered at the time.

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