The Power of Australian Feminists

The Power of Australian Feminists. By Alan Moran.

Welcome to the world where facts count for little.

  • Two plastered staffers enter Parliament House, have sex — one says non-consensually — in the Minister of Defence’s office; the security staff freeze, and instead of them both being summarily sacked, the Minister of Defence has a nervous breakdown and media elites blame the Prime Minister.
  • The Attorney General is accused of committing a barely conceivable rape 30 years ago by a mentally disturbed woman, who subsequently suicides. The femocracy is enraged and the Minister is demoted.
  • The nation’s’ leading churchman is wrongly convicted by an Appeals Court of sexual molestation under impossible circumstances and the judges concerned face no punishment.
  • A conservative female MP is subjected to vicious harassment and the sisterhood looks the other way

Watch the result, not what they say:

The response to these publicised alleged and actual acts of sexual misconduct is a new push for active discrimination in favour of women for political advancement. And we are to have a slew of new laws designed to tilt the legal basis by which right and wrong is determined in favour of hurt feelings.

The most privileged group on the planet just got even more power. We are well past equality of opportunity.