Biden Bids Farewell To A “Forever War”

Biden Bids Farewell To A “Forever War”. By Pat Buchanan.

But if we failed in Afghanistan, why did we fail?

Same as in Vietnam, plus Islam:

Our enemies, the Taliban, motivated by a religious faith many would call fanaticism, were more willing to sacrifice, suffer, fight, bleed and die for longer than we or our Afghan allies. …

Also, it is their country, after all, not ours. It is everything to them, not so much to us. They are steeped in the traditional Afghan hostility to foreigners and hatred of those who come to their land to tell them how they should live and rule themselves.

Last US helicopter out of Vietnam

Will the US neocons (really, hawkish big government types) please take a back seat?

Yet, Afghanistan is only one of the “forever wars” into which our interventionists plunged us that have proven so ruinous to the republic.

The greatest blunder came in 2003, when George W. Bush was persuaded by the neoconservatives to invade Iraq and convert that country into America’s model democracy for the Middle East.

Our 18-year struggle in Iraq following the invasion of 2003 has proven even most costly in lives and treasure than the war in Afghanistan.

After Iraq came the intervention in Syria’s civil war to back rebels seeking to oust President Bashar Assad. After that came the U.S.-NATO intervention in the Libyan civil war and America’s intervention on the side of Saudi Arabia in Yemen’s civil war.

For a generation now, we have been stomping barefoot on anthills and throwing rocks into bees’ nests across the Middle and Near East.

And to what avail?

The nation-builders, the democratists, the liberal interventionists, the New World Order crowd are, today, being repudiated by Biden’s decision to write off their 20-year project in the Hindu Kush.

Persuasion works better than conquest and ordering people about. Islam, particularly, is a very strong culture.