Two Systems of Justice — One for the Allies of the People in Charge, and a Very Different One for Their Enemies

Two Systems of Justice — One for the Allies of the People in Charge, and a Very Different One for Their Enemies. By Tucker Carlson.

The ironically named civil rights division of the Biden Justice Department announced today there will be no charges brought against the man who shot and killed protester, Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol back in January. …

The Biden administration says the man who killed Babbitt is a Capitol Hill police officer and he did the right thing. That is all they’ve said.

We know that Ashli Babbitt was short. She was female and she was unarmed. There was no evidence the officer who killed her gave her any kind of verbal warning before he pulled the trigger. Is that now standard procedure? …

The only person who died of political violence at the Capitol “riot”. The only change in Congress was that the scheduled and constitutionally mandated debate on election rigging was never held. (To combat scammers, watch the actual outcome, not what they say.)

You can’t just shoot people without warning because they are in the wrong place. That is not allowed. Except now, apparently it is allowed. …

The Washington Post wrote a long story today about the DOJ’s announcement and … did not name the shooter or even acknowledge that the government is withholding the name of the shooter. [What, is the shooter black?]…

The rest of the piece was a personal attack on Ashli Babbitt and on her political views. She deserved to die. That was the point of The Washington Post story.

How amazing to read something like this, especially now. Eleven hundred miles from Washington, in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, a police officer accidentally reached for her gun instead of a Taser and killed a man called Daunte Wright. It was a tragedy. All shootings are tragedies.

But we know that officer’s name because every news organization in the country printed it immediately. She has now resigned. She is now facing charges. Her mug shot is everywhere. It is all over the internet.

And that is why two nights ago, a mob showed up at her house and forced she and her husband to flee.

Now, she is not the only one. Last August, a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot a man called Jacob Blake. Do you remember that? Riots erupted immediately.

Well, yesterday, that officer was cleared of all charges. When that story broke, NPR, National Public Radio, put that police officer’s name and photograph on the front of their website. So, that is the standard, except in this case, where they are still hiding the identity of the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt. Are you sensing a theme here?

The standards that big news organizations who used to cover shootings depend entirely on the political views of the people who get shot. When The Washington Post does not like the candidates you vote for, they suppress the details of the case. …

It gets even more blatant and political:

Samuel Montoya … was in the U.S. Capitol that day. Montoya does not look much like a white supremacist. He has no criminal history that we are aware of.

On January 6, Samuel Montoya took what may be the clearest video of Ashli Babbitt’s death. …

What is most striking and never discussed is that several Capitol Hill police officers in paramilitary gear, the guys with the helmets with the cameras, were standing directly behind Ashli Babbitt when she was killed.

They were carrying what Joe Biden refers to as weapons of war, loaded AR- 15s. So explain to us slowly how Ashli Babbitt posed an imminent physical threat to anyone when she was killed? Well, she didn’t.

Samuel Montoya’s footage proves it, and we are grateful that we have that tape. If we did not have that tape, The New York Times will be telling us that Ashli Babbitt was beating people to death with a fire extinguisher when she was killed, but thanks to Samuel Montoya, The New York Times cannot claim that.

We would love to have Samuel Montoya tonight on the show to describe what he saw that day, but we can’t do that because he is in jail. Yesterday, a large group of armed Federal agents showed up at Montoya’s home in Austin, Texas. They smashed his front door, they confiscated his electronic devices, and they threw him in jail.

He is still there. He is behind bars right now. …

Now, to be clear, Montoya did not shoot the woman, Ashli Babbitt, he just happened to be nearby. …

If this happened in Ukraine, what are the chances that NBC News would describe Samuel Montoya as a dissident journalist? And then describe Ashli Babbitt as an unarmed pro-democracy demonstrator? The chances are roughly 100 percent.

But this is America, and they are not saying that. Instead, they are telling us that Ashli Babbitt deserved to die.

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: She embraced conspiracy theories. Her name was Ashli Babbitt, 35 years old. She tweeted about pizza gate, she tweeted thousands of tweets to FOX News hosts. She engaged in social media with the conspiracy news internet site, Info Wars. In 2020, she began to tweet with QAnon accounts and used QAnon hashtags.

Oh, so not a pro-democracy demonstrator, not an unarmed military veteran. No, she sent tweets to FOX News hosts, so no problem, Ashli Babbitt got what she deserved.

What is amazing is not simply the grotesque cruelty of assessments like that, a young woman is shot to death and the media applaud her death. No. What is more amazing is the contrast between this and the coverage of other violence that is now in progress.

Last night, Biden voters burned a police building in Portland, Oregon. Did you know that? Probably not. Didn’t get much coverage. …


BLM leader Bree Newsome no longer talks about peaceful protest. She doesn’t want those anymore. Quote: “I’m definitely in the camp of defending looting and rioting as a legitimate politically informed response to state violence.” She wrote that in a tweet that the Twitter censors have pointedly left up.

What’s really striking is that Bree Newsome once committed a more aggressive version of the offense that Samuel Montoya is charged with.

A few years ago, Bree Newsome trespassed at the Capitol in South Carolina and ripped down the flag. She also trespassed in the State Lawmakers Office and refused to leave. Is she rotting in jail? No. She was arrested briefly, and then she drew praise from no less than Hillary Clinton herself.

Hillary Clinton endorsed that particular insurrection, but not everyone gets the same treatment, you may have noticed, and that should worry you, no matter who you voted for, no matter how fervently you may support Joe Biden.


This is a huge, society-ending problem. Laws have no meaning if they are not applied equally. When they are not applied equally, they are not even laws. They are purely tools of persecution, and you don’t want to live in a country like that. Even if people you don’t like are the ones being persecuted.

One law for the left, another for its opponents (especially if they wear a MAGA hat). They are increasingly not bothering to pretend in one law for all.

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