Coke to Republicans: Why can’t we all just get along?

Coke to Republicans: Why can’t we all just get along? By Paul Mirengoff.

When woke corporations started attacking Georgia over its new voting law, Coca-Cola led the charge. Its chief executive James Quincey went on television to declare the law “unacceptable.”

But now, following outrage by Republicans over corporate America’s attempt to do the Democrats’ bidding on state election law issues, Coke isn’t so sure that alienating a large portion of the electorate is a good idea.

Thus, as Karen Townsend observes, Coke’s name didn’t appear on a two-page ad in yesterday’s print editions of the New York Times and Washington Post that expressed opposition to voting law reforms under consideration in various states. Delta Airlines, another leader in the charge against Georgia’s law, also declined to join in the latest effort to virtue signal and help Democrats.

General Motors, Netflix, Starbucks, BlackRock, Target, Facebook, Bank of America, MasterCard, and, inevitably, United Airlines were among the virtue signalers. …

Unacceptably racist and woke:

But, whatever it’s now saying about voting, Coke hasn’t given up on woke. As we reported here, the company is requiring that law firms representing it set aside 30 percent of billable hours on Coke matters for “diverse” attorneys, with at least half of that time going to Black attorneys. This, despite the fact that Blacks make up only about 5 percent of Americans licensed to practice law. …

Coca-Cola has brazenly announced that it is basing contracting decisions on race. It is thumbing its nose at the nation’s civil rights laws. There can be no common ground with Coke on this.