The South African Example: Wokeness is a thin veneer for money, power, and tribalism

The South African Example: Wokeness is a thin veneer for money, power, and tribalism. By Dally Friend.

The whole world knows how the Culture Wars are playing out in America, but its impact on other countries is less well understood. …

Liberals, worldwide including in South Africa, love to display their boldness in confronting the populist Right, but somehow slide-away when the need arises to confront the illiberal, authoritarian Left. …

It is not uncommon these days for young South Africans to know all about political developments in the United States (through a woke prism), but absolutely nothing about events in their own country — even when these events are as shocking as the revelations about State Security slush funds being used by the ANC to buy off judges and journalists to support the ruling party. …

The Mandela Government’s talk about racial harmony turned out to be a con. Now it’s all about money, and power through tribalism.

“Racial transformation” has become the ANC’s overriding policy imperative, not just one of several policy goals. The purpose of this focus, when one cuts through the hollow rhetoric, was to legalise corruption and enable the politically-connected to burrow into every capital flow in the country, in order to loot.

They pretended the goal was “broad-based black economic empowerment”. Anyone who ever believed that must surely, by now, realise they were conned. …

Wokeness is an exercise in self-deception and misdiagnosis.

It claims that “Whiteness” is the core problem in South Africa. For the vast majority of people, this translates into the conclusion that whites are the core problem in South Africa, and have been since Jan van Riebeeck first put his foot on solid ground on the Southern tip of Africa in 1652. The corollary of this idea is that salvation lies in the removal of whites from all positions of power and authority, and for some, from the country as well.

Until that happens, the logic continues, South Africa will remain divided into two main groups: The Villains (comprising about 8% of South Africa’s population) vs. Everyone Else.

This simplistic diagnosis, an article of faith for South African Wokeness, is a massive barrier to addressing the real problems our country faces. It also prevents us from building a successful, inclusive future.

Wokeness has given the ANC the courage to reveal its true nature as a black nationalist organisation. Its commitment to non-racialism and independent institutions of state was always paper thin — a temporary compromise to move the country through the “first stage” of the bourgeois revolution, with the backing of Western powers, before moving onto the second stage.

On the 5th March 2012, the policy sub-committee of the ANC’s National Executive Committee announced the commencement of the “second stage”, seeking to bring the “National Democratic Revolution” (NDR) to its conclusion. Its fulfilment will mean the party will control the State and all its institutions; and the State will control the economy and society.

Jacob Zuma, president at the time, promised that “Radical Economic Transformation” imposed through all institutions of State, would eradicate the imaginary bogeyman “White Monopoly Capital”.

If whites have no place in Africa, as is now commonly proclaimed, then do blacks have any place in Europe? Or anywhere apart from Africa for that matter? This is rapidly becoming an urgent issue:


Demographics is destiny.

hat-tip Stephen Neil