Ivy League anti-white “diversity sweepstakes

Ivy League anti-white “diversity sweepstakes. By Paul Mirengoff.

Tech Gate USA has compiled a partial breakdown, by race, of the students offered admission by six of the eight Ivy League schools (all Ivies except Yale and Columbia).

The breakdown is only partial because, with the exception of Harvard, the data released by the schools differentiate only between Whites and “persons of color” — an interesting fact, in itself.

The Tech Gate numbers purport to encompass all accepted applicants, including international students, although that doesn’t seem to be the case for Princeton, at least. Here they are:

Princeton — 68% students of color, 32% white

Harvard — 60% students of color, 40% white

Cornell — 59% students of color, 41% white

Penn — 56% students of color, 44% white

Brown — 55% students of color, 45% white

Dartmouth — 48% students of color, 52% white ….

We know that Blacks and Latinos make up a considerable percentage of persons of color admitted by Ivy League schools. In the case of Harvard, which provided these numbers, 18 percent of admittees are Black and 13 percent are Latino.

We also know from the Yale litigation that the credentials of admitted Blacks and Latinos lag far behind those of Whites and Asians. …

I suspect that some, if not all Ivies, are competing to see which one can admit the smallest percentage of Whites. That’s the off-the-record view provided by a college admissions counselor.

All very tribal. This is how the future leaders of America are being selected.

Eat your heart out Martin Luther King; your dream has been trashed by the left.