Today’s blacklisted American: Cinderella, because cast was “too white”

Today’s blacklisted American: Cinderella, because cast was “too white”. By Robert Zimmerman.

A theater company in Minnesota decided to cancel its production of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Cinderella because the cast was “too white.” …

Your culture is now cancelled. Not brown enough.

“It was 98 percent white,” the theater’s director, Michael Brindisi, said of the show’s actors Wednesday. “That doesn’t work with what we’re saying we’re going to do.” Brindisi said he considered recasting but instead decided to put a self-inflicted spin on cancel culture — and “scrap this and start fresh with a clean slate.”

“Recasting” is a mealy mouthed word that really means he would have fired some white actors he had already chosen and replaced them with black actors. And the only reason he would be firing them is because of their skin color, since he had already done his auditions and decided that these people were qualified.

I suspect he realized that if he did that he’d be vulnerable to some really bad publicity, even court suits. Better to fire everyone, start casting a different play where he could begin with a quota system favoring minorities. That way no one would have evidence of his bigotry. …

People are starting to mention it:

America’s social fabric cannot long sustain such unjust behavior. Sooner or later the oppressed will revolt, and it will likely do so violently. We will have race war, caused not by the fake boogie-man of “white supremacy” but by the bigotry of our ruling culture, which has decided that all whites are evil and must be oppressed.

Cinderella is a French story. Until recently, virtually all the people in France were white.