An easy win for the non-left, if they but had the courage to seize it

An easy win for the non-left, if they but had the courage to seize it. By Deion Kathawa.

The transgenderism skirmish that broke out into the open in President Obama’s second term should be an insanely easy fight for the Republican Party to win. The Right has been thrashed mercilessly in the culture wars for decades. But at this stage in the conflict, the low-hanging fruit has all been plucked, and the Left has finally begun to overreach. It is now coming for our children in very direct, very obvious, and very harmful ways.

Which is why it is astonishing that Republican leaders such as [Arkansas Governor] Asa Hutchinson find it so difficult to say plainly, “It is wrong and harmful to destroy healthy sex organs and thereby to castrate healthy bodies — but especially so in the case of minors. And the government will act accordingly to prevent people from harming themselves in this specific way.”

That is a winning position, especially when we are talking about minors. …

A massive percentage of these children will desist from their feeling that they are transgender if they are simply left alone. …

I might even be so bold as to say that it does not even require an argument. A simple, direct, declarative sentence like the following would do nicely: “Mutilating children — even when doctors say it is ‘necessary’ — is wrong.” Done.

Arkansas’s Republican Governor recently vetoed a bill outlawing chemical castration and puberty blockers, on the grounds that he wanted smaller government, and government should not interfere with the relationship between a child, their parents, and their doctors.

Ok, it’s a reasonable principle, but are the opposing principles? What are the tradeoffs? When asked by Tucker Carlson why the state bans drinking under 18, sex under 16, and so on, the Governor didn’t answer the question. No balance attempted.

His veto leaves children vulnerable to fads and quacks. As the evidence about the effects of this new craze piles up, it clearly shows that the effects on most children are quite negative. It’s pretty obvious.