French Elite Caught Violating Lockdown Rules by Attending Secret Restaurants

French Elite Caught Violating Lockdown Rules by Attending Secret Restaurants. By Paul Joseph Watson.

Even as Parisians continue to struggle under lockdown, members of the French elite, potentially including government ministers, have been caught attending rulebreaking secret restaurants in the French capital.

French TV channel M6 aired secretly recorded footage of clandestine dinners taking place at an “underground restaurant located in a beautiful part” of Paris.

The clip shows guests at the restaurant without masks openly kissing each other and violating social distancing rules. There also appears to be no restrictions on the number of guests allowed.

The cost of the dinners — as much as €490 euros per person — underscores the fact that the private club caters exclusively for wealthy visitors.

According to an anonymous organizer of such events … they are occurring two or three times a week and are attended by government ministers.

At least they’re still pretending, by trying to keep it secret.

By the way, one thing this tells us is that the elite don’t think much of mask-wearing. So what is the purpose of forcing everyone to wear a mask?