Patrick Byrne: Major 2020 election news coming soon

Major 2020 election news coming soon. By Patrick Byrne.

The information coming back from the quantitative people is that the machine counting was rigged — above and beyond the illegal voting and preventing republicans from seeing the votes counted.

The latest from Byrne:

Folks, I know you are tired of hearing, “trust the plan.“ I heard it for the last two years and now I am ashamed that I listened to it. But that said, I am not bullshitting you when I tell you: we have the goods. We really do. We have cracked the code, we have deciphered the hieroglyphics, We not only know how it all works, we really do have the proof. Mike Lindell is telling the truth.

If this were a Chess match, I would say that we have spotted the checkmate combination, we have our opponent dead to rights, we just must play out the dozen moves in front of us. But in an intellectual sense, our opponent is vanquished. Now that is not to say that our opponent may not jump up and knock over the table, or pull out a shotgun, or play some other trick. But if we just play out the next dozen moves, he is finished.

Similarly, we have what we need to show this happened as we cleaned. We are adding and filling in holes and buffing out, but we have it. The goons on the other side may piss and moan and knock the table over or walk away or do all kinds of things. But at this point, the one thing they cannot do is let us play this game out and escape our winning combination.

So when? Well, to be fair, probably before I explain how the climate models greatly exaggerate the role of carbon dioxide. But then, he has more help.