US Presidential Election Challenge in the Wings

US Presidential Election Challenge in the Wings. Patrick Byrne just put this up on Telegram:

Hi. Just to keep everyone updated…. I am going to change my prediction from 2 weeks to 6-8 weeks. Maybe earlier.

All the smoke will lift and the truth will be obvious and undeniable. I promise, we have the royal straight flush. It is just going to take that long to play out.

You may see things dribble out before then, but it is going to take 6-8 weeks for this hand of bridge to play out.

But we GOT these sumbitches. I promise.

I’m dubious that any court, or the media, or any part of the bureaucracy will do anything at this stage, no matter how good the evidence that Trump won by maybe 10 million votes. The Electoral College spoke, even if it was based on faulty information and the wrong delegates turned up.