All of the Mass Shootings in Democrat-Run Cities America Isn’t Reading About

All of the Mass Shootings in Democrat-Run Cities America Isn’t Reading About. By Kyle Becker.

The media reports some mass shootings — like recent ones in the Boulder supermarket or the Atlanta spa — but ignores the vast majority of them. For instance, here are two in the last week that were ignored:

On Friday night, two more mass shootings occurred. A Philadelphia mass shooting led to seven people wounded, three left in critical condition. A Virginia Beach mass shooting led to two people killed and eight people injured.


It turns out there is an obvious reason: None of the suspects were white. …

A database that links local news reports on mass shootings and presents mugshots of the suspects gives us an instant picture about why so many “mass shootings” are going underreported or unreported in the mass media. …

Above is a snapshot of all of the currently known charged 2021 “mass shooters.”

According to the definition provided by the website, perpetrators of a “mass shooting” are those who carry out “the shooting of 4+ people or who died before they could be charged.” This is in accordance to the widespread acceptance of the definition of a “mass shooting.” …

So far in 2021, the mass shooters were 70% black, 16% Latino, 14% white, and 0% Asian. 94% were male.

Most Americans are only aware of two or three mass shootings in 2021, due to the national media’s intentionally divisive narrative about America being a “racist” country. And in those cases, particularly the Boulder and Atlanta mass shootings, the media has failed to establish they were motivated by bias against racial minorities. …

The top cities for mass shootings in the U.S. in 2020: Chicago (53); Philadelphia (28); New York City (19); Houston (12); and Baltimore (10.) All of these cities are run by the Democratic Party.

How would reporting the other mass shootings help the left? Isn’t this lying by omission on a grand scale? Would you buy a used car from these people?

As Glenn Reynolds is wont to say, think of journalists as Democrats with bylines and you won’t go too far wrong.

hat-tip Stephen Harper