The Tale Wags the Dog as News Becomes Propaganda

The Tale Wags the Dog as News Becomes Propaganda. By Peder Zane.

For whatever reason, the progressive intelligentsia has decided to deny facts that impinge on the view of reality it seeks to advance. It has created a vast information ecosystem — one that extends beyond traditional news outlets to include magazines ranging from Harper’s Bazaar to Teen Vogue, late night comedy shows, academic and scholarly journals, Netflix and Amazon Prime, and on and on — that echoes and re-enforces its agenda.

For those who still manage to see that the emperor has no clothes, Twitter mobs, cancel culture and other censorious tools are deployed to shame and silence apostates. …

The brazenness of their lies would take your breath away if we weren’t becoming so inured to them through their ubiquity.

For the moment, at least, progressives are unchained, unrepentant and uninterested in conversation.

They are also in charge.

This is the simple truth.