Stumblin’ Joe Biden: what I know about women

Stumblin’ Joe Biden: what I know about women. By James Macpherson.

Biology is no match for ideology in Joe Biden’s America, where the President this week insisted “there’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better”.

A quick-witted journalist would have asked: “Do you mean like walking up stairs?” …

Now it’s quite possible that Joe Biden’s wife is physically stronger than him and forced him to say it.

It’s also possible that bumbling Joe meant to say “there’s not a single thing I can do that Kamala Harris can’t do as well or better. Not a single thing. I’m going to bed now”. …

But Biden’s latest foray into the gender wars is an example of a man who is now so woke that he has progressed beyond any need of science or even basic understanding of human nature.

The truth is that women can do whatever men can do, apart from just about every physical activity.

The trouble is that progressives, who prefer the term chestfeeding to breastfeeding, reject the very notion of physical difference (except, of course, when playing race politics in which case they reject the very notion of anything other than physical difference)

So the Democrats will nod approvingly as the Marine corps lower physical fitness requirements in order to make it possible for women to enlist, all the while insisting — straight-faced — that anyone who says there are some things women can’t do is a misogynist who must be cancelled. …

Why does the left insist on denying the obvious unique strengths and weaknesses present in men and in women? …

Equality and difference are not mutually exclusive. This should be obvious.

What should also seem obvious is that there surely must be more important and pressing issues for the Biden administration to be concerned with other than how quickly they get pregnant women parachuting into battle.

The left are running into so many denial-of-reality problems at the moment that they’d be in real trouble if the media were honest and free. Of course, they only got this far precisely because the media were dishonestly suppressing so many inconvenient facts.