Legal Action Stems the Left’s Abuse In Australian Incident

Legal Action Stems the Left’s Abuse In Australian Incident. By Nick Tabakoff.

“If somebody printed (defamatory information) in the newspaper, or somebody made these defamatory comments on your program or somewhere else in a public setting, they would be sued. And they should be sued on social media,” [Minister Peter Dutton] said.

Dutton told 2GB’s Ray Hadley on Thursday that his own personal “red line” was when Greens senator Larissa Waters dubbed him “an inhuman, sexist rape apologist” on Twitter in February.

The first clue that there had been correspondence behind the scenes between Dutton and Waters came on Wednesday night, when two tweets on her account unexpectedly appeared containing a grovelling statement from the Greens Senator under the heading: “Apology to Peter Dutton”.

Name-calling Greens senator caught out making up abusive lies

“On 25 February 2021 I … (made) false and defamatory statements that Peter Dutton is a rape apologist, that he has sought to conceal and dismiss reports of rape, and that he has no sympathy for victims of rape,” she wrote. “I accept that there was no basis for those allegations and that they were false. I unreservedly apologise to Minister Dutton for the hurt, distress and damage to his reputation I have caused him.”

Dutton has confirmed that the Waters apology followed legal correspondence sent to Waters, who also deleted the original tweet …

The big question now is whether Dutton will next take similar action against Twitter adversaries with fake identities. Get out the popcorn.

The left get their way mainly by name calling. Maybe more legal threats might help stem the abuse, though it’s probably a bit late now that the left own most of the legal profession, the media, and the bureaucracy.