German researchers create, then erase, false memories in people’s minds

German researchers create, then erase, false memories in people’s minds. By RT.

The team, from the University of Hagen, Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, and the University of Portsmouth conducted a series of memory experiments on volunteers over the course of several sessions.

They wanted to both confirm that it is possible to implant … false memories in the mind of a subject using certain psychological techniques and tricks that rely heavily on the power of suggestion through repetition, while also discovering to what extent these memories can be erased.

In this latest experiment, the researchers created fictional, but plausible, stories from 52 participants’ childhoods and blended them with events that actually took place.

The researchers then reinforced these false memories in the minds of the participants by asking the volunteers’ parents to play along and claim things happened exactly as described, including the additional, fictional elements.

This process was repeated over the course of multiple sessions to such a degree that many of the participants became convinced the accounts were, in fact, true and thus, a false memory was born.

Again, over the course of multiple sessions, volunteers began to shed the false memories that they had previously believed, with a little nudge from their parents, were completely real, with the majority returning to the baseline of credulity from their initial meeting during which the false memory ‘inception’ began. …

The implications of this kind of disturbing but important research might be far-reaching in the realm of criminal justice, with methods employed by prosecutors, police, and others called into question when seeking the ‘truth’ of a past event.

That’s what the left are doing to us!

Today’s left are in the business of lying for political gain. On nearly every issue, their position is based on falsehoods and suppression of evidence. Their media are planting false memories into our memories, and chucking what really happened down the memory hole. We are ruled by a lying mob at war with reality.

hat-tip Stephen Neil