Two Shootings, Days Apart: Hurtling back to Pagan Tribalsim

Two Shootings, Days Apart: Hurtling back to Pagan Tribalsim. By Douglas Wilson.

So there was the shooting in Atlanta, where most of the victims were Asian and the alleged perpetrator was white. Then there came a shooting in Boulder, Colorado, where the alleged shooter was Muslim named Ahmad Al-Issa and the victims were all white.

But according to the received totalitolerance wisdom, if you failed to note the racial component in the former situation, you are a racist, and if you took any note of the racial component in the latter situation, you are also a racist.

The real issue here is that if you don’t see the politiscam that is being run on you, you are what Bugs Bunny would call a maroon. …

Society is returning to its pagan past, led by the left:

As we labor to eradicate ethnic sin from our lives, there are two basic forms that ethnic sin can take in the Scriptures.

One is when a person’s membership in a particular tribe is used as a foundation for justifying malice or enmity toward members of a different group.

The second is when it is used as a foundation for a false pride or sense of inflated superiority.

The two sins are therefore ethnic enmity and ethnic vainglory, and they are both hated by a holy God. …

The onset of our current cultural frenzy did not begin when the Beatles came to America. It began with Rousseau, and the French Revolution, and those seeds of secular totalitarianism. …

And because, in the modern parlance, a racist is anyone who is winning arguments with leftists, and I have been that kind of a racist for some decades now, ongoing and very strident attempts have been made to sideline me. The good news is that it is not working. I say this to the current race hustlers — your racism is a sham and a cheat. …

So I am not here as a white man standing my ground. I happen to be white, and that by itself is worth precisely nothing before the throne of Christ. …

No. What I am is a Christian standing my ground. What I am is a Christian minister who refusing to cooperate with all the regnant nonsense. Somebody needs to tell America what to do, and here it is. “Go home, you’re drunk.”

The problem is not that whites hate blacks or that blacks hate Jews or that any given sinner hates any other given sinner. Those things are the fruit of the central problem, but the central problem is that America hates Christ. And because we hate Christ, and the name of Christ, we are hating the only one who can deliver us from our current insanity. Hating Christ is just another phrase for “hating salvation,” or “hating deliverance.”

Western civilization was built on the Christian package of religion and morality. The left is rapidly unpicking the most successful ethos in human history. Lucifer is presumably cheering them on — but the left tells us that, like Antifa, he doesn’t exist.

hat-tip Stephen Neil