Photos show Biden ‘cheat sheets’ during first formal press conference

Photos show Biden ‘cheat sheets’ during first formal press conference. By Thomas Barrabi.

Does the leader of the free world know what he is doing, or not?

In another photo, Biden was seen consulting a sheet that appeared to show the pictures and news outlets of journalists who attended his news conference. Some of the pictured reporters had a circled number next to their images.

Just follow the instructions Mr President.

Michael Goodwin:

Three big things stood out in President Biden’s first press conference.

1. The leader of the free world is often lost at sea and says many things that are blatantly false.

2. The media is in the tank and cannot be trusted to hold him accountable.

3. Because of Nos. 1 and 2, America is headed for serious trouble.

For this sickening spectacle we had to wait 64 days? …

Now we know beyond all doubt there is no way to deny the terrifying truth.

This was Biden’s coming out party, and the nation faces a mess that will only grow worse with time. The man who campaigned on unity is hell-bent on permanent polarization, meaning cancel culture and the supercharged racial climate are here to stay.

Biden gave license to the worst instincts on the left with his repeated sneering references to all Republicans and especially Donald Trump. At one point, he actually accused Trump of letting immigrant children “starve to death on the other side” of the Mexican border.

He said it in a room full of 30 supposed journalists and not a single one challenged him or even asked whether he meant it literally. In fact, not a single one challenged him on any of his falsehoods.

Nor did anyone ask him why he read from prepared talking points during answers to three questions on foreign policy. No recent president has felt the need to do that.

Dominic Green:

The White House is no longer the home of democracy. It’s a reality TV series in a care home. …

It’s true, Biden managed not to fall off the dais, or go completely blank, or fall over his dog. It’s true, he matched the topics on his cue cards to the subjects of the questions. But this press conference was nerve-wracking and enervating to watch. It’s obvious that Biden’s mind often has no idea what his mouth is saying. This press conference was supposed to dampen concerns about his mental acuity. Instead it confirmed that Biden is too old and complacent for the scale of the task.

He was, as old people tend to be, lucid in recalling details from his past. He was, as people whose minds are running down tend to be, unable to say anything coherent and spontaneous beyond quavering sentimentality. And that is not enough.

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