Many African-Australians in jail in Melbourne

Many African-Australians in jail in Melbourne. By Stephane Shepherd of the ABC. Being the ABC, they refuse to go near some evidence, but nonetheless some facts do eventually emerge in a long article.

African (predominantly South Sudanese) youth comprise at least 19 per cent of young people in custody despite being less than 0.5 per cent of Victoria’s youth population. …

Higher rates of African-Australian youth imprisonment are most likely because of an increase in violent criminal activity by some members that group.

A recent study pointed to the significantly higher rate of “crimes against the person” by South Sudanese-born youth compared to Australian-born youth between 2015 and 2018. Crimes against the person include serious offences such as robbery and assault …

It is unlikely that alleged racial profiling by Victoria Police members is driving the imprisonment rates of African-Australian young people.

ABC viewers and readers have no idea. It just happens, and was therefore not foreseeable.