America Gone Mad: Many Out of One?

America Gone Mad: Many Out of One? By Carl Trueman.

Columbia University has announced that it will be hosting multicultural graduation ceremonies this summer. … Graduands in the following categories will have their own ceremonies in addition to the one for the whole class: Native, lavender (LGBTQ+), Asian, first graduate from a family/low-income household, Latinx, and black. …

There are numerous ironies here. First, the whole point of traditional graduations is to emphasize unity and not diversity. Everyone, regardless of class, sex, or even discipline, wears the same robe and the same hood. Graduation is about identification with an institution, not an opportunity for self-expression.

Before my graduation ceremony in 1988, all the male graduands’ socks were examined, to ensure there was no deviation in the approved shade of gray. I assume the women had a similar check with regard to pantyhose. This might seem pedantic. Indeed, it was pedantic, but it was pedantry with a purpose. It was part of a ceremony that communicated a message about equality of status: that which bound us together — our university — was on that day more important than any act of self-expression. …

The second irony is the description of this approach to graduation as “multicultural.” What is being presented is not multicultural at all. …

So yesterday:

America’s motto E pluribus unum speaks of unity arising out of diversity, of a shared national identity deeper than those identities that differentiate and divide her citizens.


Columbia is presenting a vision of a nation that might be better characterized by the motto Ex uno plures, where shared institutions function as little more than battlegrounds for competing, incommensurable visions of identity. The old sources of unity have become the new theaters for conflict. …

A common graduation ceremony declares …, uncomfortable as many now seem to find it, that institutions should be sources of unity. Once they become playgrounds of the privileged, they become sources of division, and no amount of diversity-speak will ultimately hide that fact or prevent the socially disastrous consequences.

All that so the Democrats can get more votes. Sheesh. Now that they’ve rigged the voting machines, couldn’t they just ease up on the destructive, divisive stuff?

Pursuing tribalism for the sake of votes, and to distract attention from the way the money manufacturers make the upper class obscenely rich, will be the death of America.

hat-tip Stephen Neil