The use of ‘recovered memory’ in this alarming Aussie sex scandal reveals its ruinous nature, & the weakness of liberal democracy

The use of ‘recovered memory’ in this alarming Aussie sex scandal reveals its ruinous nature, & the weakness of liberal democracy. By Graham Hryce.

The Australian government may fall because of unproven and extremely dodgy 30-year-old rape allegations against a cabinet minister — the unchecked power of the #MeToo movement and its woke media allies is destroying our society. …

This will come as no surprise to those who understand the fundamentally irrational and purely destructive nature of the modern #MeToo movement and its woke media advocates. …

What is intriguing, however, is the increasing intensity and widening ambit of the Australian scandal — which makes similar recent #MeToo scandals (for example, those involving Brett Kavanaugh, Alex Salmond and Andrew Cuomo) look like sedate walks in the political park.

In fact, the seeming inability of Prime Minister Scott Morrison to contain the scandal may well result in the collapse of his government — a truly astonishing prospect given his government’s extraordinarily successful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic over the past twelve months. …

For those who are not following the story, here is the sad outline of the Australian left’s latest mischief:

First, Porter identified himself as the cabinet minister at the heart of media stories about the rape of a young woman over thirty years ago. He categorically denied the allegation and, taking a leaf out of Defence Minister Linda Reynolds’ victim playbook, immediately took himself off on a two week ‘mental health leave.’ …

Second, Reynolds became embroiled in yet another controversy with the original #MeToo complainant, Ms. Brittany Higgins. Staff in Reynolds’ office leaked to the press the fact that she had called Ms. Higgins a “lying cow” in the privacy of her office.

The #MeToo mob and the woke media immediately denounced Reynolds for this dastardly crime. The senator, as is her wont, apologised profusely and then extended her ‘mental health leave’ for a further three weeks. Reynolds’ political career is now finally finished because of a careless private remark, notwithstanding that she offered Ms. Higgins support at the time of her alleged rape and arranged an interview for her with the police. …

Third, Ms. Higgins immediately retained lawyers and threatened to sue Reynolds for defamation over the “lying cow” comment. Apparently, recourse to the law is to be avoided when one is allegedly raped, but becomes absolutely necessary when one is insulted in private.

Fourth, non-woke media outlets have published the full text of the historical rape complainant’s unsigned statement to the police. This is the document that formed the basis for the ABC’s initial story about Porter, and that was anonymously sent to the prime minister and Labor and Greens politicians.

The content of the statement is revealing. It discloses that the complainant was seriously psychologically troubled for much of her life and had made various suicide attempts before tragically taking her own life last year. It also makes clear that the now completely discredited “recovered memory” treatment process prompted her recollection of the historical rape incident. It also states that the complainant did not report the matter at the time because she hoped to marry Porter, and that she continued to socialise with Porter on the weekend following the alleged rape and in subsequent years. More importantly, the statement discloses that the complainant and her parents had doubts about the accuracy of the complainant’s recollections.

None of these matters were disclosed by the taxpayer-funded ABC in its initial story, no doubt because they raise serious doubts about the credibility of the complainant’s allegations — a crucial factor in all #MeToo matters (as the recent Kevin Spacey, Asia Argento and John Jarrett cases made clear).

Even this week, however, analysis of the complainant’s credibility remained a taboo subject in the woke media – as it is in all #MeToo cases.

And the ABC, of course, did not put any specific allegations to Porter for comment before publishing its initial story. …

Finally, and most disastrously, Morrison has commissioned Human Rights Commission Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins to conduct an inquiry into sexual assault and harassment in Parliament House.

Complaints can be made anonymously and apparently the rules of natural justice will not apply.

In the current climate of hysteria, many complainants will no doubt come forward, and the inquiry’s findings are completely predictable — a culture of assault and harassment exists, women are discriminated against, etc.

If the prime minister thinks that this pathetic ploy will help him to quell the #MeToo onslaught that is currently engulfing his government, he is utterly mistaken. In fact, it will have precisely the opposite effect, as Eddie McGuire, the hapless and now deposed chairman of the Collingwood football club, recently found out in very similar circumstances. Eddie, too, is currently taking some ‘mental health leave.’

The bottom line is that people have evolved ways of dealing with these issues over the centuries. It’s the law. But that’s not enough for the woke mob, who only want to get their way:

The rule of law has come under sustained and damaging attack, not only from the woke media but from within the legal profession itself.

Someone needs to stand up to the feminists. They bully their way into ever better positions of power, to the point where there are no more advantages they could possibly ask for without abandoning all pretense of equality. The system bends over backwards to give them unearned privileges due to their sex, and yet still they demand more.

Like any good scam, look at the actual results rather than what they say — what money changes hands, etc.

  • The Liberal Party is seriously considering introducing quotas for women, to increase their numbers from the current 25% of Liberal parliamentarians to 50%.
  • The non-left Morrison Government may fall.
  • Brittany Higgins got a payout from a Morrison minister for being called “a lying cow” in a private meeting.
  • Accusing a non-left man of rape in the media but not going to the police is now a business opportunity:

  • Who would become a non-left politician, especially if you’re male?

Meanwhile, giving lie to the whole episode, Kathy Sherriff, who reckons leftist leader Bill Shorten raped her around the same time of the alleged rape by Christian Porter, is still resolutely ignored by the media. Even though she is more credible, and she is currently trying to get attention from the same people who say “believe all women”.

Solely because Bill Shorten is of the left, she gets the silent treatment:

Silence is violence.

hat-tip Stephen Neil