Is The US Military Being Purged Of Rightists?

Is The US Military Being Purged Of Rightists? By an anonymous reader of Rod Dreher.

I am a part-time Army Reservist who has drilled for the past 4 years at the [unit] in [Louisiana city] and had recently transferred to the [unit near a different Louisiana city].

A week ago, I received my “Notice of Purge” in the form of a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (“GOMOR”) personally signed by Lt. Gen. Charles Pede, The Judge Advocate General of the Army (the guy who advises the Joint Chiefs of Staff and briefs at the White House). …

Although I never suspected something of this magnitude, I did have a suspicion that something was up. A month or so ago, I went back to the unit in [Louisiana city] to turn in some gear, etc. and noticed that everyone was avoiding me — office doors were literally closing and whispering was echoing in the halls as I passed.

Finally, a friend, an old Master Sergeant, approached me to subtly let me know a Special Agent from Army CID had been asking questions about me. I texted my Colonel to see if he wanted to go to lunch and he told me to meet him in the parking lot. Normally, I’d be the one to drive (as a rank thing) so I got my car and came to pick him up; however, as he walked up he immediately barked, “No, you’re riding with me.” So I went ahead and parked my vehicle and climbed into his.

Immediately he demanded, “Did you bring your phone?” “Sure, Sir,” I responded, handing it over, thinking he wanted to borrow it. He recoiled from it like it was a snake and told me, “Turn that off!” Then he continued, “Better yet — sit on it! My confused reply was, “What, Sir?” He said, “Cover that with your butt! The microphone can still work when it’s off.” At this point I was starting to feel sick. “They’ve been listening to your phone, you know” was his next utterance.

He then proceeded to tell me how he’d been questioned for half an hour by his General as to how well he knew me, what he knew about me, etc; and this was not occurring in 1960s Yugoslavia but on a bright sunny day in Louisiana, on our way to lunch.

As you may know, Christian Conservatives are now being targeted for elimination from the military — myself included. By painting in broad brush strokes and labeling everyone they disagree with (or, more aptly, who disagree with them) as “Extremists,” the new powers-that-be at DoD are moving swiftly to appease their political masters.

The pretext for my removal is based on the extreme vetting of Facebook accounts of military members in the wake of the January 6th Capitol protests and Biden’s inauguration (and, specifically, a post I made on Jan. 6th). Because of the irregular bypassing of my chain-of-command and unnecessarily high-profile nature of the action against me, it is clear that this censuring is being directed at the highest echelons of the Defense Department.

The free-speech implications of these actions against me and others are chilling. I am the guy who gives the briefs on what is and is not permissible online conduct and I can assure you nothing I ever posted “crossed the line” (unlike many of my fellow Soldiers over the past year+ who have overtly disparaged the former Commander-in-Chief, et al.).

The post at issue was made on my own time, not in a duty status and not on a government device or computer, in my role as a private citizen. … If this GOMOR is allowed to go forward, separation from the Army will automatically be initiated against me. Because of these proceedings, I have a suspension of favorable personnel action placed upon me, so that I cannot be promoted, transferred, or even receive an award. This is more than being “nibbled to death by ducks,” it is how they kill you softly and avoid the due process rights which a court-martial would trigger.

The excuse for his sacking

In this day and age where anti-racism is the ascendant tenant of the state religion, anything with a Confederate flag is immediately suspect. Never mind that I am a bonafide Military History Nerd and Civil War Reenactor who wears blue as much as gray; the irony of Calhoun, et al was lost on my unintended audience (although my actual “friends” understood perfectly well). But the way my words were lifted out of context and their meaning twisted is what is so especially galling (see the emoji, General? This is what is called “satire.”). …

Keep in mind, my post was made contemporaneously with the events as they were happening — I actually lifted the photo from NBC News. In legal terms, the post was equivalent to an “excited utterance” — I was struck by the sheer historical immensity of the occasion; at that point in the day, no one had died, etc. and I didn’t know the depths to which the Alinskyites would exploit the situation (“never let a crisis go to waste”). …

However, the post was just a convenient excuse to help the DoD Kommissars accommodate their political masters’ mandate to remove Conservatives from the ranks. … The oppressors can always find a justification …

I served in Iraq and Afghanistan and my family has fought in every war this country ever fought, since before there was a United States. But none of that matters anymore in the new Amerika. I feel like the old Roman, still manning the frontier as Rome burns behind me.

Imagine a world with a woke US military! Meritocracy takes a back seat to ideologues, so effectiveness declines. Russia and China must be rubbing their hands in glee.

See When A Great Democracy Politicized The Military about how France nearly lost WWI after politicizing their military.

Top leftist political leaders wanted to use their power to utterly break the power of the conservative half of France, which meant going after two key institutions: The Catholic Church and the military officer corps. …

Now we know why the French Army was so mediocre in WWI, and why the Germans so outperformed them man-for-man, especially early in the war.

hat-tip Stephen Neil