American politics becoming a white vs not-white power struggle

American politics becoming a white vs not-white power struggle. By CNN.

[Senators] Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono on Tuesday backed off their threat to vote against any of President Joe Biden’s nominees who aren’t minorities, after going public with their anger that the Cabinet lacks Asian Americans, and Duckworth earlier saying she felt insulted by the White House’s attempts to brush off her concerns. …

Seeking to cool tensions with the Illinois Democrat and Hirono — a Hawaii Democrat — the White House agreed to add a senior Asian American and Pacific Islander liaison and pledge to elevate diverse voices to the highest levels of government.

Vox Populi:

American politics have already transformed into a white vs not-white power struggle, although a lot of whites either don’t realize this yet (Democrats) or are stubbornly in denial (Republicans).

US politics are now an identity game. Democrats have already established that they are the brown, black, and yellow party, so unless Republicans realize that they are, whether they like it or not, the white party, and begin to plan their strategy accordingly, they not only cannot win intentionally, they aren’t really even in the game. It’s like watching a rugby team trying to play football without bothering to learn what the rules are.

It is long past time for conservatives to realize that one cannot continue to play by centuries old Anglo-Saxon rules after one permits a large quantity of non-Anglos who neither know nor care about those rules to invade the playing field. The great irony is that the Republicans of the sort one finds on the Wall Street Journal editorial page, who cling to the outdated notion of a creedal United States, genuinely consider themselves to be pragmatists.

Lee Kwan Yew:

In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.


It will be amazing when the younger Democrat party staffer millenials find out they are locked out of the promotion window forever. I imagine we will see an article from a childless, 34-year-old, DC female asking “Have we gone too far on the push for representation” within a year or two.


As someone who is 1/2 ‘White’ & 1/2 Mexican (I feel far more ‘White’ than Mexican), I am constantly amazed at how suicidally stupid most ‘White’ people seem to be.


The level of denial among the older generations is nothing short of incredible. I know a not-quite-boomer, but boomer in spirit, police Chief in a red county who denies all of this, and denies that we are being ruled by foreigners. The kicker? His mayor is a Pakistan born Pakistani who, get this, zooms in to city meetings . . . from Pakistan!


It’s worse than that. Many Leftist whites are actively voting against their own racial interests in a spat of guilt-induced trauma. They KNOW that Democrats are becoming the not-white party, that specifically is why they’re voting for them. They look forward to being displaced from the lands their forefathers conquered in some insane saviour-complex crazy-loop. Even as the not-whites make it illegal to be white, they will cheer and accept the punishment as stoicly as a flagellant, it’s become some sort of new repentance from the Original Sin(tm) of “being white.”

Damelon Brinn:

I think liberal white guilt is a thing of the past, and has been replaced with liberal white hatred for what they see as Evil White Man, which they’re somehow granted an exception to in their own minds. Scalzi, for instance, doesn’t feel guilty about being white; he hates being associated with whites. He wants to ruin whites as a group because he hates what they represent, and he thinks his pretenses of white guilt will give him a non-white pass to escape the pogroms. But the guilt isn’t felt the way it may have been decades ago.

The anti-white racism stirred up and encouraged by the left is dangerous, divisive, and very short-sighted. At least more are seeing it now, as opposed to say five years ago when most whites were resolutely ignoring and denying it, not realizing that tribalism in the hands of demagogues trumps color-blindness and meritocracy.