Western culture elites are giving away Lenin’s rope

Western culture elites are giving away Lenin’s rope. By Gerard Baker.

When Yang Jiechi, the Communist Party’s foreign-affairs chief, lectured Secretary of State Antony Blinken about America’s human-rights record, its treatment of minorities and its system’s innate inequity, everything he said could have been lifted straight from the pages of the Democratic Party’s presidential election platform, culled from Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper stories, or jotted down in a student’s notes from lectures delivered daily at America’s top universities.

In fact, it probably was.

In response, a visibly discomfited Blinken mumbled something barely coherent that at least America deals with its problems in the open. He then complained, like a bested debater, that his opponent had gone over his allotted time.

The larger truth is that the people who control America’s leading cultural institutions and now its government have been eagerly manufacturing ideological rope for the Chinese hangman, and they’ve stepped up production over the past year.

The intellectual movement to which they subscribe has been the force behind the planned destruction — figuratively and literally — of the principal pillars of America’s authority in the world: the idea that the greatest nation on the planet was founded on universal ideals of human freedom and dignity. Instead, it insists, like those Chinese Communists, that all along this claim to a unique status in the world has been a fraud, mere sloganeering behind which America has been — and remains — a force for repression and exploitation.

How can a nation prevail in a global ideological struggle when its leaders believe its values are intrinsically evil?

China used America’s woke lies to criticize America, rubbing their noses in it for all the world to see. China is giving itself high fives. The Biden-Harris regime is left spluttering.

hat-tip Stephen Neil