Poison, Mutilate, and Sterilize

Poison, Mutilate, and Sterilize. By Steve Sailer.

Nothing exemplifies the madness of our times more than the fervent push since 2013 by therapists, educators, social workers, and journalists to poison, mutilate, and sterilize girls who have self-diagnosed themselves with the novel social-media-transmitted hysteria now known as rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD). …

Before the smartphone and the Great Awokening helped make transgenderism the latest craze among adolescent girls (partly displacing older teen fads such as anorexia, cutting, and recovered memories), psychological science knew of only two main types of gender dysphoria (when an individual is dissatisfied with the sex of his or her body): childhood-onset gender dysphoria [and] late-onset gender dysphoria …

What science hadn’t heard about until after the 2015 Caitlyn Jenner media whoop-de-do was the sudden proliferation of moody adolescent girls declaring themselves to be transgender. In 2018, Lisa Littman published the first-ever scientific study of the new rapid-onset gender dysphoria in which young girls, along with many of their school or internet friends, decide that they aren’t going through with puberty because…uh…uh…because they were researching the cause of their unhappiness online and discovered that they are boys. …

Only a vanishingly small number of American teenage girls thought they were boys until the media started hyping transgenderism around 2013. Unhappy pubescent girls shopped online for some explanation of their discontent and found en masse that the hot new one was transgenderism.

As [Abigail] Shrier empathizes, it’s natural for many adolescent girls to be leery of changing into women: “Puberty is hell,” Shrier explains — the bleeding, the cramps, the manic-depressive emotional swings, the need for attention and terror of unwanted attention, and the agonizing self-consciousness.

Few ROGDs really want to be men, they just are scared of being women. “They flee womanhood like a house afire, their minds fixed on escape, not on any particular destination.” …

It’s the new anorexia, another mental illness that traditionally afflicts the daughters of the professional class.

Girls can make themselves seem cool and courageous by declaring themselves trans, even if they are really scared of womanhood. (Sure, they could also declare themselves lesbians, but female homosexuals are falling out of fashion.)

Other possible reasons for World War Trans include the ubiquity of pornography, which may have also contributed to the sexual recession: Kids these days seem to feel that getting it on is not for amateurs to try at home but should be reserved for the professional experts on Pornhub.

And social media has raised standards of beauty to daunting levels. We didn’t evolve in an ancestral environment in which telephones in our pockets present us constantly with Photoshopped images of the most beautiful people in the world along with stinging social media critiques of our every personal flaw. …

Although there is much talk of “gender fluidity,” the transgender mania pushes children toward a future of sexual rigidity and frigidity. Although therapists market their puberty blockers as merely a “pause button” on puberty, in one clinical trial, 100 percent of the patients then moved on to taking cross-sex hormones and some to horrifying surgeries. Once you start down this path, it’s hard to stop.

The outcome is often sterility. Transgenderism is, in effect, much like the eugenic sterilizations of a century ago, except now people at the top of society are doing it to themselves.

Many traditional cultures have means by which pubescent girls can somewhat de-emphasize their sexuality for a few years until they make their debut in society in their later teens as a lovely young woman ready to be wooed. Maybe what our adolescent girls need is less gender-bending and more gender-pending in which anxious adolescent girls get to escape the social media spotlight until they are more ready. Thus, Shrier’s first piece of advice is:

Don’t Get Your Kid a Smartphone.

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