Boulder mass murderer is Muslim migrant and ISIS sympathizer

Boulder mass murderer is Muslim migrant and ISIS sympathizer. By Heavy.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is a 21-year-old Colorado man who was identified as the suspect in the mass shooting at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder that left 10 people dead, including Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley. …

Alissa was born in Syria and spent most of his life in Colorado, he wrote on Facebook. He wrote about Islam on social media, saying, “Muslims might not be perfect but Islam is.”

Apparently Alissa has a history of lashing out and showed signs of mental illness. Which is kind of the point. Islam directs those who feel down and out to redeem themselves by murdering non-Muslims. Most suicide bombers fit in this category. The other main ideologies and the other religions (which, btw, don’t come with a supremacist totalitarian ideology) don’t encourage their members to end it all in a blaze of killing non-believers.

Robert Spencer:

The usual denial and obfuscation have already begun. How do the feds know that there is no indication of terrorism when there is no possible way they have completed an investigation by this time?

This is going to be a quick news cycle, down the memory hole ASAP because it thwarts the narrative.

All 10 Boulder Colorado Victims Were White. It’s Time to End Anti-White Race Hate. By the National Pulse.

Neither the media nor politicians have bothered to resurrect their anti-race-hate campaign that ensues when Black Lives Matter riot, or when Asians are murdered in Atlanta.

hat-tip Stephen Neil