Father of trans teen to be kept in jail after speaking to press about resisting hormone injections for his child

Father of trans teen to be kept in jail after speaking to press about resisting hormone injections for his child. By RT.

A Canadian man, involved in a legal battle over his right to object to hormone treatment for his teenage trans child, has reportedly been jailed and denied bail for violating a gag order banning him from discussing the story. …

At the age of 12, ‘Maxine’ (not the child’s real name), who was assigned female gender at birth, struggled to find her place in life, including her gender identity. Her school counselor suggested she may be transgender, referring her to a doctor and telling the school to treat her like a boy. …

By the age of 14 the teen was identifying as a male trapped in a female body and was eager to start hormone therapy. The mother was supportive of the decision, but Hoogland — who was separated from the rest of the family but shared custody over the child — felt things were rushed.

He said he would be OK with a transition if his child were older and more prepared to make an informed decision about a life-altering procedure. The consent form he refused to sign said hormones could result in various health complications, including elevated risk of heart disease, stroke, or diabetes, and even infertility.

The law says a “mature minor” may give consent to receiving healthcare. Critics believe the law allows ideologically driven trans activists to lean on confused children and convince them into making a transition that would not necessarily be beneficial to them, while barring their legal guardians from having a say on the issue.

In Hoogland’s case, Canadian courts repeatedly sided with the hospital and allowed hormone therapy to proceed. Moreover, the father was significantly restricted in how he could speak about the case.

He was ordered to always use Maxine’s chosen name, gender, and pronouns, and was banned from trying to convince his child to stop the therapy.

A judge even stated that his interviews with the media, in which Hoogland referred to Maxine as his daughter and said things like “her DNA will not change through all these experiments that they do,” may be considered “family violence.”

On issue after issue, the “progressive” left bullies its way with force. “Shut up,” they explain.

Nothing says transgender is the way to go for a kid than closing down arguments and critics from one side, and only letting the activists speak.

Nothing says free and fair elections, like censoring and ostracizing anyone who objects.

Etc. etc.

No explanation, just force. Name me even one time in history when the side using brute force to win its arguments by shutting up all opposition turned out to be right in retrospect.