Debates Between Heads of State Need to Become A Thing

Debates Between Heads of State Need to Become A Thing. By Anatoly Karlin.

Though I realize that Putin’s call for a debate with Biden in response to Biden’s claim that Putin is a “killer” is a troll job on all sides, it strikes me that debates between heads of states are an interesting idea that need to be actualized.

If you think there is “ideological polarization” between Democrats and Republicans, Americans and Russians might as well live in different universes. …

A Biden – Putin debate will have highest viewership rates of any event in history and will at least force many observers into finessing if not reassessing their positions in the direction of greater realism.

It also sets some useful precedents. It’s not such a big deal if you elect or appoint leaders who are dementia-riddled geezers blathering about the Russian Occupation Government or carnival barkers intent on “owning the libs”, but it would be a bigger deal if there’s an expectation that they would have to go up against foreign counterparts and be humiliated on the global stage on account of their idiocy and bad arguments. Making this into an international fixture should improve governance quality across the board. There will be a greater emphasis on selecting leaders who can win debates internationally on internationally objective merits, as opposed to providing rhetorical “comfort food” for their domestic partisans. …

Those who rely on suppressing truths would never agree:

But could it happen? Almost certainly not. Blue Checks, SJWs, postmodernists have spent the past few years delegitimizing the very concept of debate as a way of selecting for truth.