Update from Sidney Powell

Update from Sidney Powell. The good guys are still on the trail.

There were two styles of cheating on election day:

Retail cheating consists of the traditional, low-tech ways, such as dead people voting, ballot harvesting, closing the counting then adding truckloads of forged ballots in the middle of the night, ejecting Republican observers while counting the votes, etc.

Wholesale cheating is where the counting machines are rigged. The evidence keeps pointing to massive miscounting via fractional votes, such as counting a Trump vote as 0.75 votes but a Biden vote as 1.25 votes. It appears Trump may have won the total vote count by 78 to 67 million. This evidence has yet to be presented or tested in a court of law, and the rigged system may prevent it from ever getting to court. But Sidney Powell is trying her hardest.

hat-tip Philip Barton