Denmark Bans Foreign Funding of Mosques

Denmark Bans Foreign Funding of Mosques. By Soeren Kern.

The Danish Parliament has approved a new law that bans foreign governments from financing mosques in Denmark. The measure is aimed at preventing Muslim countries, particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, from promoting Islamic extremism in Danish mosques and prayer facilities.

Denmark joins a growing list of European countries — including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland — which have taken varying degrees of action to prevent foreign governments from financing the construction and upkeep of mosques on their territories.

In recent years, Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, among others, have distributed hundreds of millions of euros to finance the spread of Islam in Europe. …

Built in 1967, The Nusrat Djahan, located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, is Denmark’s first mosque.

The law, which does not mention Islam or Islamism by name, states: “The purpose of the Act is to prevent natural and legal persons, including foreign state authorities and state-run organizations and companies, from working against or undermining democracy and fundamental freedoms and human rights by making donations….”

Foreign Minister Mattias Tesfaye said: “Today there are extreme forces abroad that are trying to turn our Muslim citizens against Denmark and thus divide our society. …”

Officials from nearly all of Denmark’s main political parties have expressed their support for the bill to ban foreign funding of mosques.

Prime Minister Frederiksen recently announced that her government intends significantly to limit the number of people seeking asylum in Denmark. The aim, she said, is to preserve “social cohesion” in the country. …

Frederiksen … also said that “politicians of the past” were “thoroughly wrong” for failing to insist that migrants must integrate into Danish society.

Muslims currently comprise approximately 5.5% of the Danish population, according to the Pew Research Center. Under a “zero migration scenario,” the Muslim population is projected to reach 7.6% by 2050; with a “medium migration scenario,” it is forecast to hit 11.9% by 2050; and under a “high migration scenario,” Muslims are expected to comprise 16% of the Danish population by 2050, according to Pew.

The Danes are pretty realistic. I’m not surprised that they are among the first to do something about it.