Amnesty: Millions of New US Voters from Third World, Coming Up!

Amnesty: Millions of New US Voters from Third World, Coming Up! By Ann Coulter.

President Joe Biden’s immigration bill will put virtually all illegal immigrants on a bullet train to citizenship, provided that they meet the onerous requirement of claiming to have entered the country before Jan. 1, 2021. Only terrorists and convicted felons are excluded — at least in theory, but past experience suggests they’ll get amnesty, too. Even illegal immigrants who’ve already been deported will be invited back and given amnesty.

So far, the Republicans’ response has been to propose their own amnesty, while throwing in some boob-bait for the rubes about border security. …

On this, the parties are united! The only difference is, Republicans lie to the voters about securing the border.

Under Biden’s immigration bill, a gigantic number of illegals will be given green cards immediately and will be eligible for citizenship in three years — just in time for the 2024 election.

That includes all Dreamers (who entered as minors — or say they did); those who came in as temporary agricultural workers (or say they did); and any illegals who have been granted Temporary Protected Status because of some disaster in their home countries.

Biden’s bill doesn’t even include the usual false promises of border security. That’s where Republicans come in!

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is floating a bill that would grant amnesty to Dreamers in exchange for vague promises of a border wall system.

A border wall system should not be confused with a border wall. It’s easy enough to write “wall.” So why didn’t he do that?

Because a border wall system will not have a wall. It will fund a lot of meaningless nonsense, such as drones (so we can amuse ourselves by watching illegals sneaking into our country); “boots on the ground” (so we can employ many more government workers to assist illegals as they cross the border); and surely the inevitable “commission” (so we can employ yet more government workers to produce useless reports).

The only other difference between the Democrats’ and Republicans’ amnesty is that, in Sen. Scott’s bill, the amnestied illegals would get citizenship in 15 years, instead of three. By 2036, Sen. Scott will be 83 years old, enjoying the adulation of his corporate donors.

Demographics is destiny.

Having a generous welfare system and throwing open the borders is a sure recipe for attracting third worlders, swelling the welfare bill, driving down the price of unskilled labor in your country, driving your country’s culture to be more third world and low trust, increasing crime, and ensuring the left gains at the ballot box.


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