Understanding the military’s attack on Tucker Carlson

Understanding the military’s attack on Tucker Carlson. By Paul Mirengoff.

The left has been marching through America’s institutions for decades. The media was in the vanguard. Universities were captured easily. Corporations fell without much resistance.

The military is a tougher nut to crack, but its leaders are drawn from a pool not that different from those who run universities and corporations, and these leaders crave approval from the same elites. …

There’s real disconnect, though, between enlisted men and women and college students. Almost by definition, the former group is much more patriotic than the latter. Significant differences exist between the two cohorts when it comes to class, income level, upbringing, and geographical home. Members of the two groups aren’t seeking approval from the same kinds of people. …

Ideological differences between enlisted men and women and college grads … can be minimized only through the indoctrination by the military of its active duty service men and women. This is what the military is attempting. …

The woke left can never firmly control America if there is a disconnect between its agenda and that of the military. It can never confidently control America if there is a disconnect between its agenda and the views and attitudes of the military rank-and-file.

Hence, the imperative that the rank-and-file be made woke through indoctrination and, if necessary, purging. Hence, the indoctrination.

Tucker Carlson is the new Trump, the all purpose bogeyman for the left (haters gotta hate!):

The attacks on Tucker Carlson demonstrate both the great importance and the perils of the military’s wokeness program. The peril stems from the fact that the military holds itself out as apolitical. If it is seen to take sides prematurely in America’s culture wars, its cover is blown. But that peril is negated if no one points out that the military is taking sides.

Carlson is pointing it out, and to a very big audience. Thus, the military must take him on.

Ordinarily, the spectacle of the U.S. military going after a TV talk show host would not compute. In fact, it is unprecedented. But in this case, it makes perfect sense.

Alas, even the US military is going woke.