Powerquest: Keeping alive the issue of the rape allegation against Christian Porter

Powerquest: Keeping alive the issue of the rape allegation against Christian Porter. By Keith Windschuttle.

Nikki Gemmell used her column in the Weekend Australian on March 6 to engage in some triumphalist crowing. She produced a list of prominent males who shared the fate she sought for Porter. They were men whose careers had recently been destroyed simply because they used terminology unacceptable to current woke ideology.

Gemmell named Yoshiro Mori, head of the Tokyo Olympics organising committee, who was sacked after declaring that “talkative women” made meetings “drag on”. She said Eddie McGuire, Channel Nine presenter and president of Collingwood Football Club, was gone after what she called “a long line of offensive and off-colour comments” related to race. She listed Bill Michael, an Australian who was chairman of accountants KPMG in the UK, who lost his position after declaring that younger employees should “stop moaning” about the COVID pandemic, and that the notion of unconscious bias was “complete and utter crap”. ….

The women of the press gallery, and some tame blokes who follow them, will keep the issue of the rape allegation alive, even though the institutions of Australian law have declared it a non-starter. …

The real goal … is not about justice or equality or any of the other virtues the left purportedly endorses. As Gemmell makes clear, it is all about gaining power over others, especially over those white males who have done most to shape the culture of our present existence. …

A bridge too far for the SJWs?

To the average Australian, the idea that an accusation of rape 33 years ago could be prosecuted on the basis of written notes by a deceased woman who suffered constant bipolar disorder and consequent false memories, who could provide no corroboration for any of her claims, and who told police she wanted to withdraw the accusation, does not sound like a fair go.

An even better indicator of the future direction this contest is likely to take is the fate of Annette Kimmitt, the CEO and managing partner of Australia’s biggest law firm MinterEllison. When, in the midst of all the publicity about Christian Porter, Kimmitt discovered that one of the firm’s partners, defamation specialist Peter Bartlett, was giving advice to the Attorney-General over media reporting of his predicament, she emailed the firm’s 2500 employees expressing her dismay: “The nature of this matter is clearly causing hurt to some of you, and it has certainly triggered hurt for me.”

However, other partners were appalled by this sanctimonious outburst, especially Kimmitt’s view that the firm should not be advising someone just because he attracted condemnation from some of the media. Barely a week after Porter identified himself as the subject concerned, the MinterEllison board told Kimmitt to walk.

Even though many large firms in other industries have recently been persuaded by advertising and marketing people that support for “gender diversity” will win them customers, when serious issues arise most will see where their real interests lie. The MinterEllison incident is another sign that, in this struggle for cultural power, hysteria will not win, sanity will eventually prevail, and the leftist vision of a revolutionary new world will be seen for the utopian fantasy it is.

Hating on the white men, again.

hat-tip Stephen Neil