Britain Finds Its Long-Needed Great White Defendant

Britain Finds Its Long-Needed Great White Defendant. By Steve Sailer.

Northern European women have been steadily losing their right to walk the streets of their cities unharassed or worse. …

But the women of Northern Europe weren’t supposed to talk about the increase in street crime and catcalls, because most of the men bothering them were immigrants or immigrant ancestry. …

But now, a pretty blonde woman professional class woman named Sarah Everard has been murdered and — mirabile dictu — for once the man arrested turns out to be white. And a policeman! A middle-aged English family man, the Great White Defendant….

So, the topic of street crime against women is finally not politically incorrect.

So, suddenly, Englishwomen feel liberated to say out loud all the times they’ve felt unsafe on the streets of late.

White men are always the victims of lefty protests. (And all other protests are illegitimate.)