If her truth be known, Brits are all guilty of Sussexism

If her truth be known, Brits are all guilty of Sussexism. By Brendan O’Neill.

There’s a new commandment: Thou shalt not criticise Meghan Markle. Woe betide anyone who even thinks about dissing this duchess.

This commandment has been vigorously enforced here in Britain ever since Meghan and Harry’s sitdown with Oprah was broadcast on TV.

That televisual spectacle has unleashed an extraordinary chain of events. The chattering classes have elevated Meghan into the patron saint of wokeness. They venerate her.

They cheer her for “telling the truth” about the royals, the media and much of the British public — we’re all racist, apparently — and they insist we all accept this truth into our lives.

And if we refuse? If we dare to question Meg’s decree that the British tabloid press is a hotbed of racism? … You’ll be accused of anti-Sussex blasphemy. You could even find yourself cast out of polite society, a shameful Meghan-doubter left to wander in the wilderness.

The political atmosphere in Britain in the wake of Harry and Meghan’s explosive chat with Oprah is strange, censorious and unsettling.

The royal pair’s main talking points were the archaic, uncaring nature of the royal family, the bigotry of the British media and the difficulty of living in a country as racist as the UK. Charming.

With eye-swivelling speed, their “truth” has been institutionalised by the woke set as the truth. …

Race, race, race. Look at the race, ignore the wealth:

Harry told Oprah “the UK press is bigoted, specifically the tabloids”. Meghan went further. She accused the British tabloids of “inciting so much racism” against her, and said they were “bringing out a part of people that was racist”. That is, the racist tabloid rags helped to unleash the racism that lurks in the hearts of many Brits.

Again, charming. What a way to treat a country in which thousands of people cheered you through the streets of Windsor to your wedding just three years ago.

The Society of Editors, as you would expect, kicked into action. It released a statement saying this “attack” on the British media was “not acceptable” without evidence.

Cue meltdown among the correct-thinking sections of society. Right-on journalists, and even some editors, denounced the society for daring to question Harry and Meghan’s “lived experience” of media racism.

So calls for censorship, naturally:

Now, some in the Meghan-worshipping set want to go further and actively cleanse the media of its sinful bigotries.

Labour MP Holly Lynch has chastised the press for failing to imbibe Meghan’s sermon about racism. “A lot of media outlets have not heeded those calls for a change,” she said. We “might start needing to think about” getting the government involved, she added. …

This is chilling. Press freedom in Britain was won by radical journalists willing to stand up to kings and queens and to demand an end to crown censorship of the press. …

The young woke robots:

Across social media, among Millennials and Generation Z, Meghan is worshipped. Her claim that racism is rife in modern Britain is accepted as gospel truth.

It is all so bizarre. It’s like a sequel to the summer of BLM madness we had here last year. …

This is what the Harry and Meghan affair has tapped into, and revved up — the self-loathing of the woke elites; the belief among sections of the political class that Britain is a nasty, racist country that must constantly beat itself up for the crimes of the past.

Talk about divisive, untrue, and dangerous. The rise of a partisan crowd of loons in our midst bodes very poorly for western civilization.

hat-tip Stephen Neil