The vengeful Left is cynically using a rift in the Royal Family to launch an all-out assault on the British press

The vengeful Left is cynically using a rift in the Royal Family to launch an all-out assault on the British press. By Richard Littlejohn.

The first casualty was Piers Morgan, who has walked the plank from Good Morning Britain because he said he didn’t believe a single word of Meghan’s lurid allegations, even though at least half his audience agree with him. …

Even Morgan now acknowledges he was wrong to question Meghan’s claims to have entertained suicidal thoughts while trapped in her gilded royal cage. … Mental health issues, like race, are a guaranteed get-out-of-jail card in today’s victim culture. Even if they can cover a multitude of conditions from severe depression to feeling a bit fed-up, criticism is a career-ending taboo. …

Truth? As the Queen so diplomatically put it, “recollections may vary”.

Where were the BBC’s famous ‘fact-checkers’ when Markle was speaking ‘her truth’ to Winfrey? None of her claims were backed up by any hard evidence, and certainly wouldn’t stand up in a court of law.

Yet because she spouts the fashionable drivel beloved of the ‘liberal’ Left and the wokerati, her sermon is treated as if it is carved on tablets of stone.

It is nothing less than extraordinary the way the self-appointed cultural elites have embraced Meghan as an authentic voice of social justice.

In Britain, she has been adopted unreservedly as living proof that the Royal Family, society in general and the evil Press in particular is riddled with endemic racism. Anyone who dissents must be cancelled, cast into the outer darkness. …

What’s permitted, what’s ‘true’, are only those opinions of which the Left-wing cultural elite approve. ITV effectively sacks Piers Morgan for doubting Meghan’s ‘truth’. But the BBC backs presenters such as Victoria Derbyshire and Emily Maitlis when they hurl random allegations of ‘racism’ against newspaper journalists. …

This newspaper would not have published Meghan’s allegations without evidence.

They want nothing that threatens their cultural and political hegemony. Which is why they hate popular newspapers.

We have an unfortunate habit of telling the truth, as opposed to their ‘truth’. Confronted with reality, they react like toddlers deprived of another rusk.

Truth, real truth, is inconvenient. It’s disruptive. They can’t fault us when it comes to reporting the facts, so they resort to unfounded smears of racism, against which there is supposed to be no defence. …

We wouldn’t have published the allegations made by the Markles in the Oprah interview without firm proof. …

US media landscape:

The British Left are obsessed with the ‘bias’ of Fox News. But if it wasn’t for Fox, the American TV landscape would be dominated by wall-to-wall ‘liberal’ pro-Democrat channels, pumping out Left-leaning propaganda.

American newspapers are no better. They’re not dying because of new technology, they’re dying because they’re unreadable and have purged conservative voices from their pages, even though 72 million people voted Republican at the last election. The First Amendment doesn’t apply at the New York Times or in the newsroom at MSNBC.

No wonder the Americans are cheering on the Markles’ campaign against the British Press, which is the most editorially diverse on the planet.

And, for the record, in case Harry isn’t aware, it wasn’t the British newspapers that published a sickening photograph of his dying mother, slumped in the back of a Mercedes in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, just moments after her fatal crash.

It was that bastion of liberal values, that custodian of truth and justice, the home of Oprah Winfrey to whom he and his wife have just poured out their woes …. CBS Television.